Queen Letizia drops diamond bracelet during reception at royal palace in awkward blunder

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia

The King and Queen of Spain hosted the Diplomatic Corps at their Spanish palace

Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 01/02/2024

- 21:21

The King and Queen of Spain hosted the Diplomatic Corps at their palace yesterday

Queen Letizia of Spain dropped her diamond bracelet after it fell from her wrist during a reception at the Royal Palace in Spain.

The Queen looked stunning as she hosted diplomats alongside her husband, King Felipe, at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

During the engagement, Letizia’s bracelet slipped from her wrist and fell on the hard palace floor.

The Queen kneeled down and scooped up the bracelet keeping a smile on her face throughout the incident.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia wore her gold, Coreterno ring which has an engraving meaning “Love Moves Everything"


Letizia, determined not to disrupt the engagement, regained her composure and stood straight up once again.

The former journalist looked gorgeous in a royal blue coat-style, floor length gown with matching heeled shoes.

The Queen had previously worn the same outfit during the Pascua Militar ceremony in 2022 where she paired the gown with a warm, black jacket.

Letizia wore a diamond and sapphire matching set with a necklace, a bracelet and earrings.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia

The Spanish royals received the Diplomatic Corps at the Zarzuela Palace


Letizia also wore her gold, Coreterno ring that has the engraving Amor Che Tutto Move, which means “Love Moves Everything.”

Inside the ring, there is another engraving, which means “As long as I’m existing you will be loved,” which was inspired by an ancient English ballad.

The Queen looked elegant with her long, dark hair waving down the back of her gown and a subtle make-up look.

Letizia’s make-up had peach undertones with lightly glowing cheeks, glossed lips and lightly dusted peachy eyelids.

Queen Letizia

​The Queen wore a matching diamond and sapphire jewellery set 


King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia

King Felipe recently celebrated his 56th birthday


The King also looked smart in a black suit blazer, waistcoat and striped, grey trousers. He topped off his look with a blue tie and patent black shoes.

During the day, the Queen was pictured struggling to clip her bracelet onto her wrist suggesting that there was an issue with the clasp.

The diplomatic reception usually takes place at the start of the year; an engagement that the royal couple have undertaken each year since King Felipe acceded to the throne in 2014.

At the engagement, representatives from embassies, consulates and international organisations listened to King Felipe make his annual speech.

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