William issue with Harry is 'trust' - Royal Family is 'in despair' with the Duke of Sussex

William issue with Harry is 'trust' - Royal Family is 'in despair' with the Duke of Sussex

The Royal Family is 'in despair', says Pandora Forsyth

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/02/2024

- 14:35

Pandora Forsyth joined Mark Dolan on GBN America

The Royal Family is “in despair” with the Duke of Sussex and Prince William is struggling to trust his younger brother, a royal commentator has claimed.

Pandora Forsyth joined GBN America to discuss recent shoots of optimism in regards to a possible reconciliation of royal ties.

Harry appears to have extended olive branches to the royal establishment in recent weeks after hearing of his father’s cancer diagnosis.

It was even suggested that the Duke had offered to support the family in a formal capacity by taking up a temporary royal role.

Prince Harry, Prince William and Pandora Forsyth

Pandora Forsyth joined Mark Dolan on GBN America


According to Forsyth, such a prospect remains unlikely while distrust between the Windsor siblings is rife.

“When Harry came over [to visit Charles], that was an opportunity really”, she said.


Mark Dolan and Pandora Forsyth

Pandora Forsyth does not think there is much chance of a royal reconciliation


King CharlesKing Charles has been diagnosed with a 'form of cancer'Getty

“When your father has been diagnosed with cancer and we don’t know the details of that, that was really the time where the two brothers would come together, in a health crisis.

“But the fact he did not see his brother when he was over here says it all really.”

She added: “They haven’t seen each other in months and they still aren’t now.

“That really was the opportunity to do so given Harry was by himself.

“Take out everything else, brother to brother, have an open chat.

“The issue here is trust. Will William be able to trust Harry and know that any of their conversations won’t be leaked in any way?

“The answer is no. Whenever they have had private conversations, whenever they’ve had problems, we saw that instance in the book about their little spats.”

Forsyth added she believes the couple’s relationship is “in tatters” in a dim view of any possible reconciliation.

“William is very much in despair with Harry”, she said.

“This would have been a real opportunity to come together at a time of need where the Royal Family needs it most, and it has not happened.”

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