Meghan Markle mocked for trying to take ‘ridiculous’ lifestyle brand global: ‘Britain was too small for her!’

Meghan Markle mocked for trying to take ‘ridiculous’ lifestyle brand global: ‘Britain was too small for her!’

WATCH NOW: Meghan Markle's new lifestyle brand is slammed by Angela Levin

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 21/04/2024

- 13:50

Meghan Markle has launched a collection of jams as part of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard

Meghan Markle has been criticised for attempting to take her latest project global, with royal biographer Angela Levin saying Britain was "too small" for the royal.

The Duchess of Sussex launched her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard with its first release, strawberry jam, said to be made using fruit grown in her home garden.

Sending out a limited release of 50 jars to friends and American influencers, the product was shared on Instagram by the recipients, who heaped praise on the jam.

Speaking to GB News, Levin told host Nana Akua that the concept is "silly", and starting with a limited release suggests the "rest of us won't be able to taste the jam".

Meghan Markle and Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Meghan Markle's lifestyle brand is 'ridiculous'

Getty / GB News

Levin said of the Duchess's claim that the fruit is grown at the Sussex home in Montecito: "I didn't believe it. Is this a time when you're going to even get raspberries and strawberries?

"And adding the sentence that King Charles used to buy his [fruit] in, I thought, oh, you're just sort of building up against him."

Noting the packaging of the jams and the handwritten limited release numbers on the labels, Levin said it's "not like a painting" that someone is "going to keep forever".

She jibed: "It's not a wonderful thing that somebody is going to make and you're going to keep forever. Are we meant to keep the empty jar, or are we meant to keep the jam, because it's so special at $30 a jar. It's ridiculous."

American Riviera Orchard jam

Meghan Markle released 50 jars of jams to her friends and American influencers

Instagram /mrstracyrobbins

Nana agreed with Levin, and highlighted that the packages sent to influencers also contained lemons, which are famously known for "being a bad thing" and meaning "you've got the worst one".


Levin said of Meghan's brand: "I just think it's a ridiculous idea. And I think it's very silly to come up with one thing. You don't know what the next thing is, but she is trying to go globally.

"That word globally is absolutely Meghan's favourite word, because Britain was too small for her. She always wanted to be global, so if she can sell things globally, she will be thrilled to bits."

Casting doubt on the success of American Riviera Orchard, Levin claimed that royal fans "aren't going to buy into it", particularly her rumoured future releases, including "bird seed".

Turning the conversation to Prince Harry, Levin was asked by Nana for her thoughts on the Duke declaring his primary residence as the United States.

Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Meghan Markle thought Britain was 'too small for her'

GB News

Levin question why Prince Harry has been "nagging London about his security protection" when he chose to change his residency to the US a year ago.

She fumed: "He's hardly going to be here. I thought that it was really cunning to do that, to hope that he could get security before it was revealed where his residency is.

"I'm very happy for him to go away, but I think it's very unfair of him to try and be nasty about the Royal Family.

"At the same time, they must be very upset as well, but it's always done in a nasty way, so distressing as well."

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