Meghan Markle blasted for 'inauthentic' lifestyle brand: 'No one knows who she is!'

Meghan Markle blasted for 'inauthentic' lifestyle brand: 'No one knows who she is!'

WATCH NOW: Meghan Markle criticised for her American Riviera Orchard brand

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 20/04/2024

- 15:22

Updated: 20/04/2024

- 15:30

Meghan Markle has released a collection of jams with her American Riviera Orchard brand

Meghan Markle has been branded "inauthentic" by royal commentator Sarah-Louise Robertson, as the Duchess delves into the lifestyle industry with her new brand.

The royal unveiled her latest project American Riviera Orchard earlier this month, and her first collection of jams were revealed on Instagram by her celebrity friends and influencers.

Appearing on GB News, Robertson criticised the latest move by Meghan and claimed she is "trying to be the next Martha Stewart".

Hitting out at Meghan, she told hosts Ben Leo and Stephanie Takyi that the Duchess of Sussex "doesn't really know who she is" and is "trying to carve a Princess Diana style identity".

Meghan Markle and Sarah-Louise Robertson

Sarah-Louise Robertson says Meghan Markle 'doesn't know who she is'

Getty / GB News

Robertson said: "This is what she's always wanted. Her dream has been to be like this Gwyneth Paltrow style lifestyle guru.

"When she set up The Tig, which was her website, that was the style of brand that she was going for - this Gwyneth style New York elite, very princessy, that was the thing that she wanted to do."

Shedding doubt on the success of American Riviera Orchard, Robertson said this is Meghan's "last chance" to "carve out a new niche for herself", but cannot see the business "taking off".

Stephanie argued that "everything Meghan does gets slated", following the Sussexes documentary and Meghan's Archetypes podcast.

American Riviera Orchard jams

Meghan Markle has launched a collection of jams as part of her new lifestyle brand

Instagram / mrstracyrobbins

Stephanie added: "It seems like she wants world domination!"


Robertson agreed, responding: "This is her chance now to try and cash in on her royal title, because she is now a Duchess. So she's using that to try and elevate her brand.

"She's really trying to carve out herself as this new Martha Stewart, and she's coming out with a cooking show as well for Netflix."

She added: "To be fair, she has always tried to say that she's into healthy eating, organic food, and cooking, but I don't see this being a success.

"It just will not happen for her, because she's just burnt too many bridges with what's gone on with the Royal Family. And I think now people just don't believe in her brand. They don't think she's authentic."

Sarah-Louise Robertson

Sarah-Louise Robertson says Meghan Markle 'doesn't know who she is'

GB News

Turning the discussion to Meghan's identity and attempts to establish herself through her projects, Robertson said: "The fans are saying, what are you making? Are you an actress? Are you a duchess? Are you a Meghan? Who actually are you?

"This is what we're asking, and I don't think anyone knows. I don't think Meghan really knows who she is."

She concluded: "She's trying to carve out some sort of Princess Diana style identity. And everything she touches, it just doesn't work. We saw what happened with Netflix as well.

"They've obviously given her this show, but this really is her last chance to make her mark and carve out a new niche for herself. But I can't see it taking off."

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