King Charles told to 'never give up' by public as monarch receives 7,000 messages

King Charles

King Charles reads well-wishes from British public

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 23/02/2024

- 22:00

Updated: 23/02/2024

- 22:02

The King has been diagnosed with a 'form of cancer'

King Charles has been told to "never give up" by the public, as the monarch has received a whopping 7,000 messages of support.

Among these was a well-wisher’s card showed a disgruntled dog recovering from medical treatment.

The dog was depicted telling the King: “At least you don’t have to wear a cone!”

King Charles, 75, was photographed looking through some of the 7,000 messages of support Buckingham Palace’s correspondence team received from around the world since his cancer diagnosis was announced.

King Charles

King Charles received 7,000 messages of support from around the world


Many shared their own experiences of cancer or offered their good wishes and advice for a speedy recovery.

One adult well-wisher told the King: “Chin up, chest out, remain positive and don’t let it get you down. Trust me, it works, but the main thing is family.”

A child sent the message: “Never give up. Be brave. Don’t push your limits. Get Well Soon.”

One card, like many sent to the King, was hand-drawn, with the words “get well soon” written beneath a picture of a crown, complete with rubies and emeralds, and with a rainbow on the back.

King Charles

King Charles giggled while reading a card showing a disgruntled dog


Where the public has included an address, they will receive a response of thanks for their cards or letters.

King Charles looked at the messages on Wednesday as they were sent in his daily red box of paperwork.

On that day, the 75-year-old carried out his first face-to-face official duty, an audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, since his diagnosis was made public.

Footage was released of the King meeting Sunak and he said he had been "reduced to tears" by the messages and cards of support he had received.

The Prime Minister told him the “country is behind you”.

King Charles

King Charles has been diagnosed with a 'form of cancer'


King Charles

The Buckingham Palace statement on King's health sparked a 1,000 per cent surge to NHS website


Since the diagnosis, Charles has postponed all public-facing duties but is continuing with behind-the-scenes work on his red boxes of state papers.

The Royal Family’s official social media channels posted a short film to accompany the photographs, showing posts from well-wishers being delivered and later sorted by staff and the King looking through the messages.

One read: “I wanted to tell you I am thinking of you as you face your own diagnosis and treatment and send prayers and every good wish for a speedy recovery.”

Another said: “King Charles, sorry to hear you are not feeling well at the moment. I am wishing you a speedy recovery. Get Well Soon!”

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