‘Conspiracy case’ against Trump may not be resolved until AFTER election: ‘By far the most comprehensive case brought’

‘Conspiracy case’ against Trump may not be resolved until AFTER election: ‘By far the most comprehensive case brought’

WATCH NOW: Gerard Filitti brands Trump's case in Georgia a 'conspiracy'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 28/03/2024

- 17:08

Donald Trump is facing indictments of fraud and other charges related to the 2020 election

A US Senior Counsel has branded Donald Trump's case against Fulton County as a "conspiracy", as the former President continues to dominate the polls ahead of November's election.

The proceedings of the case are continuing after District Attorney Fani Willis was allowed to remain on the case, following the revelation of Willis's alleged affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Appearing on GBN America, Senior Counsel at The Lawfare Project Gerard Filitti said the decision to keep Willis on the case was to "avoid the entire office ceasing its prosecution" against Trump.

Filitti also revealed that Fani Willis "decided as the elected District Attorney" to stay on the case and that her "former or current lover had to go".

Gerard Filitti and Donald Trump

Gerard Filitti says Donald Trump's indictments in Georgia are 'conspiracy'

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Despite Trump's efforts to have Willis disqualified from the proceedings, she has since warned the former President that the "train is coming" for him with the Georgia case.

Willis told the former Potus (President of the United States): "I don’t feel like we have been slowed down at all."

Appearing on GBN America, Filitti was asked by host Mark Dolan if the decision to keep Willis on the case was "appropriate" as the case continues in Fulton County.

Filitti admitted that the ruling was an "interesting decision" and is "currently being appealed" by Trump's team.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has blamed his legal challenges on 'election interference'


Filitti explained: "Judge McAfee gave leave to the Trump team to appeal it to the Court of Appeals in Georgia."


He told GBN America: "The issue really is whether the potential dishonesty by Fani Willis was enough to disqualify her completely from prosecuting this case.

"According to the Trump legal team, it should be disqualifying - according to the judge, it may not be enough."

In criticism of Willis' alleged affair, Filitti questioned if her "poor judgement" will really have affected her "ability to remain on the case".

Mark then argued that among the legal challenges facing the Presidential candidate, this case is "one of the most serious" that Trump will need to fight ahead of the November election.

Gerard Filitti

Gerard Filitti says the case 'may not go to trial until after November's election'

GBN America

Filitti agreed: "It's absolutely one of the more serious cases. The other serious case, I think, is the one in Florida with the classified documents. But in Georgia, this is a state case prosecution.

"Even if Donald Trump is elected President, he will not be able to pardon himself, so to speak, for any convictions here. And this is really a conspiracy case that goes to the heart of all of the efforts that he is alleged to have undergone to change the outcome of the election.

"So this is by far the most comprehensive case that's been brought. And if it fails now, we may not see any sort of outcome or trial before the election."

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