‘UK's future lies in Europe’ - Labour members on whether UK should rejoin EU

‘UK's future lies in Europe’ - Labour members on whether UK should rejoin EU

GB News asks Labour Party members if the UK should rejoin the EU

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/10/2023

- 16:02

Updated: 09/10/2023

- 16:07

Labour Party members called for a 'better relationship' between the UK and EU

Labour Party members have revealed their thoughts on rejoining the EU, as the party hosts its annual conference in Liverpool.

GB News Deputy Political Editor Tom Harwood grilled several members of the party at the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool, asking for their stance on rejoining the EU.

Tom asked the first member: "Should we rejoin?"

The member replied: "I think we should rejoin. However, practically speaking, I don't think we should rejoin immediately, just because rejoining immediately is not really an electoral priority overall.

Labour Party members speak to GB News

A Labour Party member said the UK rejoining the EU was 'complicated'

GB News

Tom Harwood then asked: “Should it be Labour policy to rejoin in the long term?”

“I think speaking realistically, we can't put it in the next manifesto, but everybody knows that the long term aim is greater integration with the EU somehow. Whether that means rejoining fully or whether it means we just build a close relationship with the EU.

He continued: "I think Labour’s been pretty clear that we want to build a close relationship with the EU, but overall you can't put it in the next round of us so that we're just going to rejoin the EU straight away. It's just got on the electoral priority.”

Another member was unsure, stating: “That's a very difficult question that I couldn't answer on a yes or no."

Tom then pressed the member, asking “why not a yes or no?”, to which they replied "because it's a complicated question that needs some thinking about."

Tom admitted: "I'm confused at that. Do you think it would be better or worse to be inside?"

She replied: "I think we need a better relationship than we have now, for sure. Whether that's inside or out is another matter, just a better relationship than we have now. It's developing a better relationship with our closest trading partner."

GB News speaks to Labour Party members

A Labour Party member says the UK 'should not rejoin' the EU

GB News

Another Labour member was in favour of rejoining, stating: "In my opinion, yes. I see not for myself, for my children, for other people's children. I see no benefit in leaving. I was devastated when we left and all I've seen is devastation since.

"I do believe our future lies with Europe. We are part of Europe, you know, geographically, we're part of Europe. And why would we not want to be part of a community that is there for the whole of the benefit of all European citizens?"

When asked if it should be Labour policy, he said "I would hope so. I would like it like it to be. But the policy of Labour will be as decided by its membership."

When a fourth member was asked about having a second referendum, the idea was shut down, as he claimed "I think we've had enough. I think we don't need anymore."

A fifth Labour Party member was not in favour of rejoining, as he told Tom: "No, I don't think it should rejoin the European Union. Personally, if I could have voted at the time, I probably would have voted remain. But we've left. It was a democratic decision. People were told lies, I think on both sides.

"In ideal world, I think it would be good to be part of the EU. I do support stronger ties with the EU for sure. And especially I do think we should remain in the European Courts of Justice, post World War Two we should stay connected.

"Seeing what's happening in Ukraine, we need now to be as connected as ever really, I think with Europe, but no, I do think it's a democratic decision and we should respect that."

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