'Embarrassed by Brexit!' David Frost blasts Sunak for failing to be proud of Brexit Britain

'Embarrassed by Brexit!' David Frost blasts Sunak for failing to be proud of Brexit Britain

Lord David Frost discusses Brexit with Nigel Farage

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/10/2023

- 11:20

Updated: 03/10/2023

- 11:30

Lord David Frost urged the Government to 'use the benefits and legislative freedom' of Brexit

Lord David Frost has admitted that "some" of the Conservative Party are "embarrassed" by Brexit, as he attends the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

Speaking to Nigel Farage on his GB News show, the former Brexit Minister was pressed by Nigel on the party's divisive stance on issues including the UK's exit, as well as net zero and HS2.

This follows Environment Secretary Therese Coffey's announcement at the conference yesterday that Britain will scrap an EU regulation on bendy bananas.

Nigel asked Lord Frost: “There was a battle for ideas going on, which in one way was very refreshing today. But the party is split on every single issue. It's split on HS2, on net zero. Half the party still doesn't believe in Brexit. I mean, you're all over the place aren't you?”

Lord David Frost appears on GB News

Lord David Frost admitted 'some' of the Tory party is 'embarrassed' by Brexit

GB News

“I think the philosophical bounds of Conservatism has got a bit wide in recent years. We definitely need to narrow down. We need to narrow down.

“We need to give people what the activists want, what I want. But what people at the growth rally wanted, which is a bit of the old religion, which is what we know delivers results, what delivers growth, which is cutting tax, cutting spending, smaller state, deregulation, lifting some of the burden of net zero and yes, the subjects that weren't talked about which were immigration and Brexit.”

Nigel questioned Lord Frost on the party's split over Brexit, stating: “Fringe meetings are talking about Brexit, but almost no talk on the stage about arguably the one real achievement of this government since 2019. I put it to you that half of your party are embarrassed by Brexit.”

Lord Frost admitted: “I do think that some of the party is embarrassed by Brexit, and it is a great, great pity because it is becoming established outside this room that Brexit is somehow failing and it is not true. We've seen from the economic figures in the last few weeks those growth is much higher than people thought. Investment is well above its 2019 level. We've got good trade programs going ahead."

Frost continued: "What we need to do is explain, and we need to use the benefits. We need to use this legislative freedom to deregulate, to boost growth and control the borders."

Nigel then asked Lord Frost about the party's other key issue, the migrant crisis.

Nigel highlighted: “It's linked, David, to the other elephant in the room. Net migration is running at all-time records.

"There is no prospect of it going down. And this is without even discussing what's happening in the English Channel, where, by the way, 900 have come in the last three days and there are more going to come tomorrow.

Liam Halligan, Lord David Frost and Nigel Farage appear on GB News

Nigel Farage told Lord David Frost that the Tory party is 'embarrassed' by Brexit

GB News

“The reason people think Brexit's failing is because one of the functions of a sovereign state is the ability to control your borders. The basic promise and belief that by voting for Brexit we would be in control and the numbers have gone up. Can you see why there's such disappointment in the red wall?”

Lord Frost agreed, saying: “I absolutely can. I share it. Immigration, legal, illegal, is too high. It is far too high and we need to bring it down. And illegal immigration is within our powers.

"The government decides the conditions for visas. It can change that if it wishes, and it needs to change it.

"Not necessarily with the snap of the finger, but we need a program to get it down very, very dramatically in the next year or two.”

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