'Jew hate is on British streets!' MP who delivered powerful Commons speech on Israel tells GB News

'Jew hate is on British streets!' MP who delivered powerful Commons speech on Israel tells GB News

MP who delivered brilliant Commons speech on Israel speaks to GB News

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 23/02/2024

- 15:58

Updated: 26/02/2024

- 07:33

Andrew Percy delivered the powerful speech in the House of Commons

Jewish MP Andrew Percy has spoken to GB News after he declared he feels safer in Israel than his own country during a powerful speech in parliament.

The UK's House of Commons descended into chaos on Wednesday after Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle allowed a key vote on a Labour amendment to a Scottish National Party motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The Speaker of the House of Commons said his decision to defy parliamentary convention by picking a Labour amendment to the SNP's Gaza ceasefire motion was motivated by concerns for MPs safety due to the thousands of protesters outside of Parliament.

Speaking in the House of Commons MP Andrew Percy spoke about the anti-Semitism occurring on the streets of London, claiming people are "demanding death to Jews, as police stand by and allow that to happen."

Percy spoke to GB News' Good Afternoon Britain today and said: "We've had Jews attacked in our streets. We've had Jewish businesses, Jewish communities and venues targeted.

MP Andrew Percy

Jewish MP Andrew Percy delivered a powerful speech in the House of Commons

GB News

"We've had Jews targeted online, we've had people attacked in Leicester Square for daring to speak Hebrew. And then, most shockingly of all, we're subjected to these marches every couple of weeks through central London and other cities where open due hate is on display.

"It's not just Jewish people. A lot of decent ordinary people in this country feel intimidated by these mobs."

GB News host Tom Harwood then asked the MP what he thought about the Speaker's "justification" for his decision.

Percy responded: "I like the speaker. I think he has our interests at heart, genuinely. I mean, the problem with the decision he made was it might have protected MPs on one side of the chamber or in one party, but it threw the rest of us under the bus.


​Thousand of Pro-Palestine protestors' appeared outside the House of Commons earlier this week 


"But it's a completely outrageous situation. But it's not the first time we've had this where members of Parliament are intimidated and threatened.

"I had a conversation with one yesterday who I won't name, who told me that they would have stayed away from the vote.

"Others have said this, and they explained to me the intimidation and the abuse they've been receiving, which means that they don't feel they can exercise their vote or their voice on this issue because they're frightened.

"But not just frightened of an electoral backlash. Politicians often caved due to the fear of an electoral backlash, but it is different when it is a violent backlash, which will involve violence to them or their families. I mean, it's completely unacceptable."

Tom Harwood, Emily Carver, Andrew Percy

The MP spoke to Tom Harwood and Emily Carver on GB News

GB News

Host Emily Carver asked the MP: "What we're seeing is Jewish people who don't feel safe to go into our capital and other areas of the country on certain days of the week when these protests are taking place.

"How do we balance the different factions in our society with different causes?"

He explained: "Well we have freedom of speech, but we don't have freedom of hate or freedom of hate speech.

"The fact is from day one, hopefully it's a minority, at these marches they have chanted genocidal chants.

"Let's just remember the chant that was projected onto the the side of the House of Commons is a chant that was endorsed and used by Osama Bin Laden and such folks as Saddam Hussein and of course the leaders of Hamas.

"And so we shouldn't be allowing that. That has been chanted from day one."

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