Nadine Dorries calls on sporting bodies to protect female athletes amid transgender sport row

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 21/04/2022

- 21:40

Ms Dorries says people 'cannot change whether you were born male or that you were born female'

Nadine Dorries has called upon sporting bodies to protect female athletes as she insists it is "impossible" for transgender women to fairly compete against natal women.

Speaking on GB News, the Culture Secretary said: “You can choose your gender and we will support you and help you to do that…but you cannot change your biology.”

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire reiterated: “You cannot change that you were born male or that you were born female, it is what it is what it is.

“Im afraid even with those athletes that try to get their testosterone levels below the limits, if somebody has been through puberty, it isn’t that case that it will make a significant difference.

Nadine Dorries speaking to GB News
Nadine Dorries speaking to GB News
GB News

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges
Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges

“We’ve seen it happen recently with cycling and female athletes have had to stand up for themselves.”

Cycling became the the centre of the transgender debate after transwoman Emily Bridges was prevented from competing at the National Omnium Championships earlier this month.

Ms Bridges, who came out as transgender in 2020, had been allowed to compete in women’s events by the national governing body after demonstrating that her testosterone levels had been reduced to the required limits.

After natal female athletes had said they were considering boycotting the Championships, the decision came under review and was reversed.

Ms Dorries gave the example of the transgender cyclist Emily Bridges who has been at the centre of the debate.

Bridges, 21, was due to compete at the British national omnium championships earlier this month having met British Cycling’s eligibility standards, but was blocked by the UCI at the 11th hour before the national governing body announced a review of its policies.

GB News presenter Dan Wootton asked Ms Dorries if a law was needed to “protect women’s sport”.

She replied: “I hate making laws. I would prefer the sporting bodies to come together and I have asked for a round table with them to discuss this.

“So that they can come together and reach a position that protects female athletes, but also shows compassion to trans athletes and helps them achieve their goals.

“Maybe that is having trans categories, I don’t know, but what I do know the bottom line is you cant have transwomen competing in females sports.”

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