Woman sheds an inspiring 1st 1lb and burns fat during weight loss transformation

Woman working out

The slimmer lost more than a stone

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 19/09/2023

- 13:14

Updated: 19/09/2023

- 13:14

She upgraded her diet and exercise regime

A woman has lost more than one stone and become healthier and happier by following a diet and exercise programme.

Kathryn Benjamin, 36, had always been active but found it difficult to stick to a consistent fitness regime.

It wasn't until coming out of lockdown that the slimmer strived for more routine and signed up for her local F45 gym, F45 Camden.

F45 is a class based gym that has a mix of stretch and cardio sessions, working the entire body while improving fitness.

Woman working out

She signed up for the F45 Challenge


After noticing results from the regular classes, she decided to sign up for the F45 Challenge.

The Challenge is an intensive fitness and nutrition plan that runs at all F45 gyms at various times throughout the year.

As well as upping her commitment to gym classes, Kathryn's diet changed.

She made sure to eat three home cooked meals a day and cut down on excessive portion sizes and snacking.

Cooking from scratch allows slimmers to eat more fresh produce and keep track of exactly what they are consuming.

She stayed motivated by seeing results and with the support of the gym's trainers.

Since taking part in the Challenge, Kathryn managed to slim down and improve her fitness.

She lost 1st 1lb, dropping from around 11st 8lb to a healthy 10st 7lb.

Woman working out

She attended the F45 classes


One man dropped 9lb in one month with the help of F45 workouts.

Lynell Fernandes completed 25 classes in one month and noticed impressive results.

This comes as one woman lost a staggering 12st and 8 dress sizes during her weight loss transformation.

She found out the best nutrition plan for her and improved her relationship with food, calories and exercise.

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