Woman loses incredible 2st 4lb and 'feels younger' than she did at 40 after diet change

Woman before after weight loss

A woman shared her impressive transformation

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 12/11/2023

- 08:30

Updated: 13/11/2023

- 08:25

A woman lost 2st 4lb and grew in confidence thanks to a weight loss diet plan

Michelle Stott, 48, shared her incredible transformation after slimming down.

She dropped from 14st to a healthy 11st 10lb with the help of a diet plan.

The slimmer, from Wiltshire, has always struggled with her weight and had yo-yo dieted since being a teenager.

She had tried and failed to stick to various diet plans before she decided to buy The Fast 800 Keto book.

Woman before after weight loss

She lost more than two stone


The Fast 800 plan, founded by Dr Michael Mosley, focuses on time-restricted eating. Keto plans are often low in carbs.

The slimmer took a personalisation quiz which suggested she use The Very Fast 800.

She said: "After around six weeks, I had lost a significant amount of weight. The first few weeks were a struggle admittedly, but after that, I felt absolutely brilliant.

"The initial weight loss is so motivating that after that, I got into a bit of a rhythm.

"I felt like I had loads of energy and my concentration improved.

"I felt much less sluggish than normal and I started to see immediate weight loss results. That really motivated me to continue."

Michelle would fill up on healthy meals such as low carb lasagne and berry pancakes.

She credited the shopping lists the programme creates for helping her to stay on track.

She explained: "If you start your week by selecting your meals and creating your shopping list, you’ll then find you have everything set up and on hand to eat healthily all week – that can be half the battle."

Michelle said "preparation was key" throughout her transformation, and soon she had lost more than two stone.

She had always enjoyed exercise - having worked in the army and police force and she is now a regular runner.

Woman before after weight loss

She changed her diet plan


She added: "When I started the programme, I weighed 14 stone and I’m currently 11st 10Ib.

"My initial goal was 11st 5Ib so I'm not far away from reaching it now. I’m happy with what I've achieved already, so I'm not going to put loads of pressure on myself.

"I’m so happy that I've found a sustainable way of eating that means I won’t regain the weight long term.

"I feel loads more confident in myself generally than I did before.

"I'm a quite socially confident person anyway, but I just feel loads happier and lighter emotionally. I used to hate buying clothes and now I really like buying them which is an unexpected outcome of feeling better.

"I've got loads more energy and even though I'm 48, I just feel younger now than I did probably eight years ago."

Another woman lost an astounding 3st and transformed her life with the plan.

A man shed a staggering 9st 6lb and reversed his prediabetes with the help of The Fast 800.

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