Woman sheds 6st 6lb with easy to follow diet plan during weight loss transformation

Woman before after weight loss

A slimmer went through an incredible transformation

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/10/2023

- 08:01

Updated: 20/11/2023

- 14:20

A slimmer lost weight, improved her health and transfromed her mood with the help of a diet plan

There are lots of weight loss plans on the market, but these can vary greatly in effectiveness.

Victoria spoke exclusively to GB News about losing 6st 6lb in just 27 weeks.

The dieter did this with the help of the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

This focuses on portion control, reducing calories and eating healthy foods.

Woman before weight loss

Victoria changed her diet to slim down


Victoria said: "The 1:1 Diet has a variety of Steps. I started on Step 1B, which is a step where all food is replaced with nutritional balanced 1:1 Diet products. Once I reached my target weight, I moved up the Steps.

"This involved me slowly increasing my calorie intake and reintroducing food into my diet. This gave me the opportunity to learn about portion control, healthy eating, calorie counting and wise food choices. It also helped me to learn healthy recipes and low-calorie cooking.

The dieter was still able to eat some of her favourite foods with the plan, which was very important to her.

She continued: "My favourite products from The 1:1 Diet are the cookies and cream bar and the green pesto pasta savoury meal. I love that the diet has a large variety of different products; from porridges to curries to chocolate fruit and nut bars.

"The savoury meals such as spaghetti bolognese, and chicken tikka style curry meant that I could continue to have a meal as a family.

"This was very important for me to continue to have this time together with my family. I didn’t undertake any extra exercise while on the diet, I was just the usual busy mum.”

Before starting her transformation, Victoria weighed in at 17st 5lb. With the help of the diet, she dropped down to a healthy 10st 13lb.

Victoria added: "I have gone on to not only lose six stone in 27 weeks, but my confidence, self-esteem and general well-being have skyrocketed. The best result of the weight loss has been that my PCOS symptoms have drastically reduced.

"I have also gone from not ovulating at all, or ovulating very irregularly, to ovulating on a regular cycle each month!”

Woman after weight loss

She achieved amazing results


So, how did Victoria stay motivated? She said having a clear motive and a good support system was particularly beneficial for her.

"My advice would be to take that first step, find a consultant and arrange an appointment to discuss the diet and how it will work for you," Victoria said.

"Write down your whys: why you want to lose weight and your motivation for losing the weight. Think about how losing weight will positively affect you. If and when you are struggling, you can refer back to these. Try not to focus on how far you might need to go on your weight loss journey.

"Focus on small steps/goals, which feel more attainable. When you are struggling with focus and motivation reach out to your 1:1 consultant, as they are there to help you and will give you a wealth of knowledge and advice.

“I believe so much in The 1:1 Diet and how powerful it is after undertaking my weight loss journey that I have since become a 1:1 Diet consultant. I am now privileged to help others throughout the UK to start their own weight loss journey and help support them throughout.”

This comes as one woman shared her results after losing 3st in 12 weeks.

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