Martin Kemp lives in a calm British county where house prices are more than £500,000

Martin Kemp Hertfordshire

Martin Kemp lives in Hertfordshire

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 25/10/2023

- 05:00

Martin Kemp lives in a relaxing part of the UK

Martin Kemp is an English musician and actor who found fame as a member of Spandau Ballet.

He has lived with his family in Hertfordshire for many years.

While he may have been born in London, Martin has travelled the world during his career.

However he has chosen to settle down in his home country.


The musician lives in the peaceful county


The 62-year-old has lived in Hertfordshire for many years.

In 2021, he moved to a renovation project with his wife Shirlie.

Hertfordshire is a quiet county in the south of England.

It is located near London - around a one hour drive - but it offers much more peace for residents.

It has lots of historical properties to visit and plenty of places for a relaxing stroll.

Residents can enjoy a slower pace of life and spend plenty of time in the countryside.

Property values range depending on the type of home.

The average house costs £531,070, according to Rightmove.


He has lived there for many years


Terrace properties are most popular in the country and these sell for an average of £447,474.

Martin's former bandmate also set up camp in a small part of the UK.

Tony Hadley lives in a cottage in a quaint UK town.

Pop legend Tom Jones lived in a "charming" British market town.

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