The historical country village where Nicolas Cage has owned a 'modest little cottage' for 15 years

Nicolas Cage Somerset

Nicolas Cage owns a property in Somerset

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/10/2023

- 05:01

Nicolas Cage owns a house in a rural part of England

Nicolas Cage bought a property in Somerset more than 15 years ago.

The Hollywood star has been spotted around the area over the years.

Nicolas opted for a rustic cottage located in the village of Baltonsborough.

He purchased the home in 2006 and explained he tries to get back as much as possible.


He bought the cottage in a small village


The actor praised the area and people as he shared he was hoping to get back.

"I have a modest little cottage in Somerset I have been dreaming to get back to," he told Absolute Radio.

"With everything we have been contending with it has been so difficult.

"I am looking forward to getting back to your side of the world. Such nice people in Somerset."

Baltonsborough is nestled in the English countryside and Nicolas is sure to enjoy his time in the area uninterrupted by crowds.

It doesn't have many residents, with a population of just 864 in 2011, years after Nicolas bought his property.

It is likely to become busier in the summer months, however, as it is located around five miles from Glastonbury, the home of the huge music festival.

Properties in the town have a rustic theme with stunning old stone buildings.


The village is in Somerset


The UK contrasts greatly from Hollywood, which is why it may be so appealing to A-list stars.

Many have flocked to the UK to buy a second home.

George Clooney owns a mansion in a quiet village in England.

Tom Cruise called a historical town in the UK home for many years.

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