'The fresh start I needed': Hair replacement systems can be life-changing for men who are losing their hair

Men struggling with hair loss

Hair replacement systems could be transformative for men experiencing hair thinning and hair loss

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 24/02/2024

- 09:00

Updated: 07/03/2024

- 13:25

Men who are experiencing hair loss may not need to go down a surgical route in order to love their hair again

Hair loss is something that affects a huge number of men worldwide, with the NHS revealing that male pattern baldness affects 6.5 million people in the UK.

Some may struggle with hair thinning as early as their late teens, and by age 60, “most men have some degree of hair loss”.

Hair experts believe that hair replacement systems are a non-surgical quick fix for men who struggle with this common issue, and can have a life-changing psychological impact.

A hair replacement system is one way men can reclaim the confidence that is often diminished when they start to lose their hair.

NewFade explained how they offer men the chance to love their hair again. The experts said: “A hair system (also known as a hair unit, non-surgical hair replacement, hairpiece, male wig or toupee) is real human hair or artificially-made hair attached to a base material, typically made of lace or polyurethane. These systems are worn to cover a part of the scalp that has lost hair.”

While such systems do not help hair grow, they expertly conceal hair loss with an “immediate, effective and stylish solution without the need for any surgery”.

Man struggling with hair loss

'Losing your hair can be very traumatic and cause a loss of self-confidence'


Novo Cabelo is a hair replacement service that has taken the social media platform TikTok by storm.

The page boasts more than 173,000 followers and its countless videos of men receiving hair replacement systems have reached millions of users.

Videos typically show a man who is struggling with hair loss, as he candidly speaks about the psychological effects it has had on him.

Creative director Rob Wood works his magic and the video cuts to a changed man - both physically and mentally - often in tears and sheer disbelief as he sees himself in the mirror with a full head of hair. In the majority of cases, the hair replacement system takes years off the person.

JD Lincoln, 31, who received a hair replacement system courtesy of Novo Cabelo, commented under his own transformation video: “This man saved me.” He called his hair replacement system “the fresh start I needed in life”.

And social media users took to the platform in their thousands to share the immense joy they felt witnessing his transformation.

One TikTok user said: “I wanted to cry when I saw his reaction, bless him. That’s a new life for him now.”
Under the transformation video of Matt, 51, TikTok user and anxiety coach commented: “This is not vanity, this is mental health restoration.”

But could hair replacement systems actually transform both a man’s physical appearance and his mental health? Arran Isherwood, Senior Trichologist Specialist at hair transplant clinic FUE Clinics, believes they can.

He told GB News that, unlike treatments that stimulate hair growth over time, hair replacement systems provide “immediate results”, which offers an “instant boost to one's appearance and self-confidence”.

They are versatile, allowing for “flexibility in styling and can be worn during a wide range of activities - including swimming and exercising - without shifting or coming off”.

Isherwood continued: “One of the most significant advantages of hair replacement systems is their ability to be fully customised.

”They can be tailored to match hair colour, density, texture, and style, allowing wearers to achieve a look that feels true to their identity.”

And a hair replacement can achieve all of this non-surgically. The expert said: “For those wary of surgical options such as hair transplants, hair replacement systems offer an attractive alternative that requires no surgery, thereby eliminating the risks and recovery time associated with surgical procedures.”

As for the positive mental effects of hair replacement systems, they offer a quick-fix solution to a whole host of psychological struggles that come with male hair loss.

The impact of male pattern baldness extends beyond just the physical appearance; it can have a profound “psychological and emotional” impact on men.

Isherwood said: "Hair is often associated with youthfulness and attractiveness, so hair loss can lead to a negative self-image and diminished self-esteem. Men may feel less attractive and struggle with their body image as they adjust to the changes in their appearance.

”There is also a societal stigma attached to balding, and men may fear being perceived as older or less virile by peers and potential romantic partners. In professional contexts, younger men experiencing baldness might worry about being taken less seriously or feeling out of place among peers.”

These concerns may lead to a decline in mental health for many men, with the expert warning that some men experience depression following hair loss.

The expert concluded: “The psychological impact of male pattern baldness should not be underestimated, as it can significantly affect one's overall wellbeing.”

Hair transplant surgeon Mr Michael Mouzakis also believes that hair replacement systems could be mentally transformative for those who decide that this option is right for them.

He told GB News: “Losing your hair can cause a loss of self-confidence. Most men know very little about hair loss- despite the fact 80 per cent suffer from genetic hair loss.

“Losing your hair can be very traumatic. And we need to move past societal boundaries which enforce the concept that men should not be concerned about their appearance or insecure about the way they look.”

Mr Mouzakis said that a hair replacement system can greatly increase men’s confidence in their daily lives, as can hair restoration surgery.

Yannis Giantzides, MD of Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics, told GB News that men who are fitted with hair replacement systems can even appear to age backwards.

He explained that the “wig/toupee/hairpiece” creates a “natural-looking appearance” as it’s designed to match the wearer’s colour, texture and style.

He said: “These systems provide men with the opportunity to regain confidence in their appearance by restoring a full head of hair.

Man undergoing hair transplant

A hair transplant is an alternative for those who are prepared to go down a surgical route


”They also make a man look younger as a lack of hair is associated with older age and so with a fuller head of hair, a man looks younger.”

For men looking into hair replacement systems to tackle their hair loss, Giantzides advised that they "vary in cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousand pounds”.

He said: “The cost depends on a variety of factors, mainly on the surface area to cover. The more surface area to cover, the higher the cost.

”Most major cities will have a hair replacement/system company operating. Hair salons/barbers are a good place to look as a hair system is a much easier job to do and doesn’t require a medical professional when compared to surgical solutions such as a hair transplant.”

For those who do want to go down a surgical route, The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery explained that this is also an option.

The association explained: “The principal of hair transplant surgery is to relocate hairs from the back and/or sides of the scalp to areas where there is hair loss.

”The donor hairs have properties which make them resistant to hair loss, thus providing a potential lifelong hair restoration solution. In some situations, donor hairs can be harvested from the beard, chest and other hair bearing areas.”

Penn Medicine explained that "this donor region contains hair that will grow throughout your lifetime".

The experts said: "Approximately three months later (90 to 100 days), new hair starts to grow and continues to grow at a normal rate. About six months after a hair transplant session, the transplanted hairs begin to take on a natural appearance and will continue to grow for a lifetime."

The NHS advised that hair transplants in the UK can cost anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000, depending on the extent of hair loss, the type of procedure you have, and the quality of the clinic and its team.

But for those who want an instant fix with no recovery time, hair replacement systems could be the life-changing invention men need - an "immediate, effective and stylish solution" with long-term physical and psychological benefits.

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