Monty Don warns against a common practice when mowing the lawn - gardeners should 'resist the temptation'

Monty Don warns against a common practice when mowing the lawn - gardeners should 'resist the temptation'

Royal Horticultural Society shares tips

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 15/04/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 15/04/2024

- 09:41

Spring is here and Britons across the country will be thinking about mowing their lawn for the first time this year

Gardeners usually mow the lawn every one or two weeks from March through to October to keep their garden looking tidy.

Gardening expert Monty Don shared advice for anyone cutting their grass and explained why you don't need to do this as much as you think.

He explained grass may not be as strong now as it will be in the summer, so protect it by setting the blades high on your lawnmower.

"Whatever your grass-cutting inclinations, resist the temptation to scalp your grass down to its midsummer height," Monty penned in his April 2024 blog.

Monty Don / Garden lawn

Monty Don shared advice


"Set the blades high and just trim the grass for the first few weeks, as much to even it out as to reduce it.

"Then, as the weather gets warmer and the grass starts to grow more strongly, gradually reduce the height over a few weeks but always keeping it slightly on the long side."

The expert added following this advice will result in a "much healthier, greener sward".

Gardeners can go one step further and avoid mowing their lawns as much as possible, Monty suggested.

He said he tries to cut the grass "as little as possible" as long grass welcomes a huge diversity of wildlife in the garden.

The expert suggested cutting only a patch of grass in the garden so people can enjoy the space. "But try and restrict the mowing as much as possible," Monty added.

For more tips on how to look after your grass and care for your lawn, check out the GB News lawn care guide.

Mowed lawn in garden

The expert recommended mow a small section of the garden


An expert told GB News: "Some gardeners have claimed that adding coffee grounds to the soil turns their hydrangeas blue.

"Crushed eggshells can reportedly be used to turn hydrangeas pink. The shells will slowly break down and reduce the acidity of the soil, which will make it harder for the hydrangea to access aluminum present in the soil.”

Another hack that some gardeners have claimed turned their hydrangeas blue is adding vinegar to the water they use to water their soil.

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