Outcry among Aldi shoppers as 'unique' Dr Pepper dupe goes missing from supermarket shelves

Aldi shop front

Aldi shoppers are concerned that their favourite soft drink has disappeared

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 11/03/2024

- 13:12

Updated: 11/03/2024

- 18:09

A popular Dr Pepper dupe appears to have disappeared from the supermarket giant’s shelves

Aldi's popular Dr Pepper dupe has seemingly disappeared from the supermarket giant’s shelves, causing widespread disappointment among shoppers.

Several shoppers have taken to social media demanding an explanation for the disappearance of the soft drink after noticing its absence.

The supermarket’s Professor Peppy beverage has previously garnered attention because of its uncanny resemblance to the world-famous beverage Dr Pepper.

As well as featuring a nearly identical shade of maroon in the packaging, the beverage includes ‘Professor’ in the name.

Professor Peppy

Shoppers have launched a petition to bring the drink back


Several comments have emerged on social media platforms like X, confirming that shoppers are concerned that the item has been axed for good.

Carrie Bayliss wrote: “@AldiUK Hi, have Vive Professor Peppy and Lemon/Lime carbonated drinks been discontinued as we can no longer find any available in several stores nearby.”

MrG followed with: “@AldiUK have you discontinued Professor Peppy?”

A third user chimed in: “@AldiUK is there a shortage of Professor Peppy or have you discontinued it?????”

“@AldiUK What has happened to the two-litre bottle of Professor Peppy?????? Have they been discontinued?” asked a fourth user.

The supermarket giant responded to a handful of users, explaining that the beverage is a seasonal product and is only sold at certain times of the year.

The strategy of limiting the availability of certain products to specific times of the year helps companies manage inventory.

Many shoppers were unsatisfied with the company’s response, however, inciting one fan to set up a petition demanding that the drink come back permanently.

“There’s something about that unique flavour that just hits the spot when I need a fizzy fix. It even outshines the taste of regular Dr Pepper!”

The reactions have flooded in just a few months after X users stirred up a commotion over the copycat version of Dr Pepper.


Aldi shop sign

Aldi shoppers were quick to notice their favourite beverage missing from shelves


X user Lazarus Kumi was one the first to take to social media to comment on the clever thinking behind the branding.

“I love Aldi,” they wrote. “Personally, I think it takes more creatively to come up with these dupe names without getting in trouble.”

Another user named RoRo quipped: “I love Aldi’s audacity, how can they name their Dr Pepper dip Professor Peppy??”

It comes as shoppers have been enjoying a throwback to the 70s after Tesco, Asda and Morrisons resumed their sales of Foster's Proper Shandy.

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