'The weight dropped off immediately!' Mother-of-four shares diet tips after 6st 7lb weight loss

Woman before / after weight loss

The slimmer lost more than 6st

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 18/06/2024

- 14:16

A slimmer turned her life around with the help of small, protein-rich meals

A mother-of-four shares how she dropped five dress sizes and 6st 7lb during her weight loss transformation.

Jade Edwards had struggled with her weight since she was a teenager but managed to achieve impressive results with a diet change and the help of a personal trainer.

The slimmer, from Chester, had battled with her weight since having her first child more than 25 years ago.

She had managed to lose weight on various occasions but struggled to maintain her results.

Woman before weight loss

She struggled with her weight for more than 20 years


That was until she overhauled her diet by eating more protein, and had a helping hand from weight loss surgery.

Jade said: "I started gaining weight when I began having children. Initially, I could always lose the weight, but it got harder with each pregnancy."

She tried everything from rigid exercise regimes to trying famous weight loss programmes, but any weight she lost she quickly put back on.

Jade decided it was time to make a change for good in 2022 and opted for a gastric band at Weight Loss Riga. This is a time of weight loss surgery for those who are extremely overweight, and the decision to do it should not be taken lightly.

The decision helped to kickstart her results and Jade also switched up her diet, focusing on foods high in protein.

"Breakfast might be two small pancakes with fruit, lunch is often soup, and dinner is usually chicken with vegetables," the 43-year-old explained.

Protein is often hailed as a tool for successful weight loss thanks to its satiating properties. High-protein foods include meat, fish, dairy, nuts, seeds and tofu. Slimmers can also take protein supplements.

The macronutrient helps slimmers to feel fuller for longer, which can ultimately help them reduce how many calories they eat.

Woman after weight loss

She swapped to small, high protein meals


Jade added: "The weight started dropping off almost immediately. My other health issues dissipated too - I no longer sweat constantly and I’m off most of the medication I was taking for chronic pain and nerve damage.

"I feel like I’ve got my life back and I'm finally happy again. Having recently become a grandmother, I feel even more motivated to stay healthy and active.

"I'm not hiding away anymore - I've started going to the gym and have hired a personal trainer to help me build strength."

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