'I lost 4.7st by combining two types of exercise - the weight fell off within weeks of starting the workout regimen'

Lucy before and after

Lucy combined two types of exercise to shed weight

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 15/06/2024

- 09:00

The slimmer claims her weight "fell off" after she combined strength training with HIIT workouts

Dieting is considered essential for weight loss but, for many, it isn't conducive to keeping off large amounts of weight.

In a video titled "My 30KG Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation", YouTuber Lucy Lismore broke down the main component that helped her 4.7 st, claiming her tips would serve anyone who is "not keen on the idea of the gym".

“In total, I’ve lost 30 kilos and I’ve managed to get stronger, healthier and fitter without ever having to leave my home," the content creator explained. The “key” to shedding weight is consistency, according to the slimmer.

“When I was in school I hated PE lessons, but as I got older, I tended to eat more and become less active. The weight was starting to creep on and on."

Lucy before her weight loss

The slimmer lost weight without going to the gym


For years, the fitness guru had been confused by nutrition and believed she was following a healthy diet because she drank juice instead of fizzy drinks.

“I thought I was eating a relatively healthy diet because I was cooking all my meals at home and when I went to the supermarket for snacks I thought I was buying the healthier snack options like muesli bars and orange juices,” she explained.

After investigating the science of weight loss, however, Lucy came to the realisation that her calorie expenditure was smaller than her calorie intake.

“When I calculated it, the amount of food that I was eating was far outweighing the amount of calories that my body was burning in a day.”

“I set myself a target of calories to eat per day that I knew was below how many my body was burning and I stuck to it.

“I ate healthier versions of recipes that I already loved, I stopped snacking as much, and I educated myself on how many calories are in certain foods."

To ensure her results would last, the slimmer chose not to cut out any foods from her diet.

“The one thing I didn’t do is restrict myself,” Lucy explained. “I didn’t cut out any particular food groups, I didn’t stop eating chocolate or drinking coffee, the things I really like. I just reduced how much I was having.

“I think that’s really important because you kind of go mad if you restrict yourself too much.”

Lucy also combined bodyweight training with high-interval intensity training and committed to an hour-long workout every day.


Lucy now

Lucy has managed to keep the weight off


“Eventually the weight started falling off,” she declared.

“After about six to seven weeks I started to see bigger and bigger increases in how much weight I was losing until I reached a healthy weight.

“I have experienced the benefits of bodyweight training in all regards and I truly believe it is one of the best exercises for weight loss, fitness and to grow strong as well.”

Naturally, the slimmer experienced a few setbacks along her journey, but claims her sustainable approach to weight loss helped her get back on track in no time.

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