Britons want to ‘be more Italian’ as major vehicle brand outlaws drivers from using UK’s favourite car colour

Britons want to ‘be more Italian’ as major vehicle brand outlaws drivers from using UK’s favourite car colour

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 07/02/2024

- 14:30

The brand heralds itself as being inspired by the 'land of colour', hence the decision to outlaw the use of certain colours

New research has found that two-thirds of Britons want to “be more Italian” as Fiat continues to outlaw Britain’s most popular car colour.

The Italian brand polled 2,000 adults and found that 67 per cent of people are keen to adopt aspects of the Mediterranean country’s way of life – known as “La Dolce Vita”.

A further 59 per cent are growing tired of the UK’s fast-paced lifestyle as they have little time to stop and live in the moment.

This includes living at a slower pace, appreciating the “little things”, spending more time with their family and being proud of their cultural heritage.

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The Fiat 500e electric vehicle \u200b

The Fiat 500e electric vehicle​


Fiat has praised the brighter way of living through its “No More Grey” project, banning drivers from choosing the colour when buying a new Fiat vehicle.

The Turin-based company announced that it would stop producing grey cars in June last year, saying that it “broke the rules”.

As part of the campaign, Olivier Francois, CEO of the company, sat inside a grey Fiat 600e as it was plunged into a vat of orange paint in a picturesque Italian setting.

Commenting on the data, Giuseppe Cava, of FIAT UK, makers of the electric 500e, new 600e and the Topolino, said: “We are slightly biased, but we certainly wouldn’t dispute the findings.

The new Fiat Topolino

The new Fiat Topolino


“Italy is renowned as the 'land of colour' and we are basing our FIAT strategy on this concept, offering 'No More Grey' cars.

“While the best place to be more ‘La Dolce Vita’ is Italy, there’s no reason much of that outlook to life can’t be appreciated and enjoyed more in the UK. We hope our guide will inspire Britons to do this.”

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), grey was the most popular car colour for the sixth consecutive year in 2023, topping more than half a million registrations.

A staggering 26.8 per cent of newly registered vehicles last year were grey, followed by black in second and white in third.

Fiat classic car

Fiat announced that it would no longer produce grey cars from June 2023


Senior officials at Fiat said the move to ditch grey cars was “challenging and disruptive”, positioning itself as the brand of “joy, colours and optimism”.

To commemorate the data finding that many Britons want to live in a more Italian way, Fiat has launched the La Dolce Vita Guide, comprised of tips on how people can experience a more Mediterranean lifestyle.

Giuseppe Cava continued, saying: “The brand values of FIAT focus on colour, joy and simplicity.

“Those values are inherent in the Italian way of living, therefore we designed our La Dolce Vita guide to help individuals embrace a more Italian way of life and enjoy a taste of Italy in the UK.


The new Fiat 600e\u200b electric vehicle

The new Fiat 600e electric vehicle


“We selected a team of Italian lifestyle experts based in the UK, our 'Dolce Vita' Team, who worked alongside us to offer practical and accessible tips that can be effortlessly integrated into anyone's routine.”

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