Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh take another swipe at Meghan Markle as ITV CBB fans issue plea to duo

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan have been the topic of the house for days

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 14/03/2024

- 10:14

Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh have continued to spill their opinions on many A-list celebrities

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left fuming with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh once again on Wednesday night after they made their opinion on Meghan Markle clear once again.

Despite Osbourne leaving the house on Tuesday evening, there was still footage to be shown from the day of her eviction.

Over the series, Osbourne and Walsh have opened up about how they feel towards Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex.

The royal conversation was brought up once again during Wednesday night’s show, with Osbourne, Walsh and Fern Britton discussing their thoughts on Kate Middleton.

Eating their breakfast, Walsh noted: “I just want to know about Kate Middleton, I know she is a lovely lady."

Walsh's concern comes after the Princess of Wales underwent planned abdominal surgery before they entered the house.

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne

Louis and Sharon has continued to give their opinions of a-list celebrities


“I’d love to meet her,” Britton admitted before Walsh flexed: “I did last year at the Chelsea Flower Show. And I asked her if she called her son after me! She was charming. She is a beautiful, beautiful girl!”

Stunned with his story, Britton noted: “What big shoes to step into, with Diana, and wearing the huge engagement ring.”

Overhearing their conversation, Osbourne quipped: “Can you imagine if that had gone to Meghan?” leaving the three of them to groan in annoyance.

Showing his disdain for Markle, Walsh asked: “Does anybody like that girl? Apart from Harry? Does anybody else like her?”

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon left the show on Tuesday night


Britton continued: “She’s mysterious. I would love… I want to be able to believe what I see, that pretty face and a mother and loving her husband, but there’s also, perhaps, I feel, that manipulation behind all of that.”

“I know, Sharon, you feel that don’t you?” Walsh said before Osbourne agreed: “Very much so. Very much so. I think it’s all put on. I think she’s acting the whole time.”

Britton went on to express she wanted to see Prince Harry and the children happy and to “make it up with William".

Walsh was shocked by the revelation and asked what he was good at, with Levi Roots interjecting and defending the couple: “Bringing people together.

Sharon Osbourne, Meghan Markle and Louis Walsh

Sharon and Louis slammed Meghan Markle again


“I love Harry. He’s a people person. I’ve never met Harry, but I’ve met William, and I still like Harry better.”

Osbourne, Walsh and Britton looked at Roots with an unsure look on their faces which caught the attention of eagle-eyed viewers who slammed the trio for “more Meghan bashing”

.Taking to X, one user noted: “Do people now see why us young ones make a point about ‘old people’ having an opinion on Meghan when you have Fern, Louis and Sharon just bad-mouthing her. Meghan literally has NO effect on their lives.”

Another added: “Levi speaking the truth about Harry and Sharon, Louis and Fern looking shocked. People actually do support Harry and Meghan. I may not be a royalist but I fully support both of them. They're living their life now so let them be #CBB #CBBUK.”

“So it’s been a few days without @itv airing a Meghan Markle bitching session on #cbb. So in accordance with their contract with the royals they rolled another one out. All the oldies. Sharon, Louis and Fern. Worrying about if Meghan got Diana’s ring,” a third added.

One quipped: “Here we go, Meghan Markle talk. Is it the case of a black woman can't marry into a royal family without being called a liar, every name in the book apart of her first name. Sharon you have a lot of nerve. Louis I expect that from him. Fern my gawd #cbb #cbbuk.”

“Louis Walsh is one bitter s**t. Being jealous of Meghan. Jealously is a disease. #cbbuk #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother,” a fifth fumed. (sic)

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