‘Why do it?’ Martin Daubney blasts ‘clown’ Fred Sirieix over Brexit clash with Nigel Farage: ‘He got battered!’

‘Why do it?’ Martin Daubney blasts ‘clown’ Fred Sirieix over Brexit clash with Nigel Farage: ‘He got battered!’

Martin Daubney hits out at Fred Sirieix

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/11/2023

- 18:47

Farage and Sirieix were embroiled in a tense debate on I'm a Celeb

I’m a Celeb contestant Fred Sirieix has been branded a “clown” after his decision to stage yet another Brexit clash with Nigel Farage.

In a heated discussion on Sunday’s show, Sirieix called on Farage to name “three benefits” of Brexit.

As the GB News star proceeded to list off three points, he was met with a pushback for each one from the First Dates star.

It is not the first showdown between the two, with Sirieix confronting the former Brexit Party leader in the opening days of the series kicking off.

Martin Daubney, Nigel Farage and Fred Sirieix

Martin Daubney branded Fred Sirieix a 'clown'


Speaking on GB News, Martin Daubney questioned what drives Sirieix, claiming he got “battered” in the debate with Farage.

“Why do they do it”, Daubney asked, referring to Remainers who question Nigel Farage.


Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has been embroiled in another feisty I'm a Celeb row


“I’ve seen Nigel do it in real life. Dancing rings around clowns like Fred, who have no hope of ever winning a debate about Brexit with Nigel Farage, the undisputed champion of the world.

“When it comes to the B-word, Fred got battered.”

Farage delivered a sweaty response upon being told he “destroyed the economy” by contributing to Brexit.

He branded Sirieix’s statement “absolute b*****ks”, pointing to issues in European economies.

Farage told the Bush Telegraph that the French maitre d’hotel “loves the European Union” which is “fine”.

He added: “Fred can’t help himself occasionally. Occasionally, that bubbling resentment and anger brims up to the surface.”

Sirieix also said that Farage has “created a big mess” and asked him to name three benefits of Brexit.

Farage named control of borders, self-governance and the nuclear submarine deal with Australia – the later of which he said was “good” that the French were upset about.

“The point about it is we can make a mess of it ourselves if we choose to,” he said.

Sirieix said that the UK is making a mess before Farage replied, saying: “I’ve always argued that.”

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