The 1% Club viewers criticise final questions as being ‘too easy’ after series returns

The 1% Club viewers criticise final questions as being ‘too easy’ after series returns

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 24/02/2024

- 07:00

Lee Mack has hosted the ITV quiz show since 2022

The 1% Club viewers were left baffled and criticising the show recently after they claimed the final question was “too easy” compared to previous questions.

The ITV game show is styled as an IQ test show with the questions being based on “logic and common sense” rather than the typical general knowledge shows.

Some 100 contestants all compete by answering a total of 15 logic-inspired questions with the hope of winning £100,000 cash prize.

As the game goes on, the questions get increasingly harder, getting down to the final one per cent question and what is meant to be the hardest.

In previous episodes, many players who follow along at home have labelled them all to be incredibly difficult, but the recent series seemed to prove otherwise.

Recently, criminologist contestant Tessa was the last person standing and was given the chance to play for the £94,000 prize or walk away with the £10,000 she had already banked.

The 1% Club

The 1% Club viewers branded the final question too easy


Tessa told Mack she was a bit nervous to proceed with a lot of money on the line, and decided to take home the money - skipping the one per cent question.

For the players at home, the question was still revealed and read: “Using only two letters to fill in the blank, what is the word below? P _ _ _ E _ _ I _ N.”

The answer was “Possession” and was claimed that 99 per cent of the public couldn’t answer it – including Tessa – but the same can’t be said for the players at home.

Annoyed with the ITV show, viewers took to their X accounts, as one user noted: “Don’t usually get the last question but I saw that one instantly. Easy peasy.”

Contestant Tessa

Tessa decided to not take on the final questions


“Got it! Blimey I actually answered the 1% question,” a second commented before another agreed: “That was easier than the few before it!”

A fourth quipped: “Questions have been super easy tonight,” leaving many viewers to echo the same sentiment.

Last year, the show won an NTA in the Quiz Game Show category, with the comedian and his team taking to the stage to accept the award.

However, as the comedian threw in some jokes during his acceptance speech, he seemed to hit a nerve with the viewers watching at home.

Lee Mack

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club


He teased: “To receive a sex toy like this off Jill Scott is an absolute pleasure,” before making a joke about the height of the microphone being set up for Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly instead.

Turning his attention quickly to “diversity targets” he added: “[It] doesn’t matter if you’re 5”6 or 7”9, it’s for everyone.”

The comedian noted that there was a quieter giggle and was probably better suited for the BAFTA’s, but many at home thought the joke was “distasteful”.

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