BBC newsreader Kate Silverton lauds decision to quit: 'Enormous liberation in being able to be me!'

BBC newsreader Kate Silverton lauds decision to quit: 'Enormous liberation in being able to be me!'

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 21/02/2024

- 17:22

Kate Silverton worked at the BBC for over 20 years but recently turned her hand to a new challenge

Kate Silverton took a step back from being a BBC newsreader and presenter after 20 years with the broadcaster to pursue a new path – one that includes trees outside her window.

Before embarking on her staggering career and being a journalist and presenter for the BBC News At One and BBC Breakfast, Silverton graduated with a degree in psychology.

Silverton announced in 2021 that she had left the BBC and decided to retrain as a child therapist and counsellor, now working in primary schools supporting children with complex needs.

Despite taking a step away from the glitz and glam of presenting, she admitted she will "always be a journalist".

She has relished in the fact that she is now her own boss and is no longer bound by a strict BBC contract which demanded impartiality and implemented stringent rules - especially those within current affairs.

"There’s enormous liberation in being able to be me, frankly. I think if you work in any corporation, particularly if you’re presenting and you’re front-facing at the BBC, you’re not quite you, you’re a persona reading the news.

Kate Silverton

Kate had been with the BBC for 20 years before she quit


"I’m still obviously extremely careful because I have a responsibility to my clients and to parents so I’m still as contained," she told OK! Magazine.

Silverton continued: "But yes, I’ve spoken out on various issues to do with children’s mental health, and it’s enormously liberating to be able to do that and to be responsible for myself rather than worrying about somebody else holding me to account."

She explained the other reason why she wanted to swap her career was because she wanted to see trees outside her window.

Despite "loving" living in London, she admitted she didn’t need to be there anymore and loves to travel, so being confined to a big city wasn’t in her nature.

Kate Silverton

Kate has retrained as a child therapist


Going from presenting to psychiatry may seem like the polar opposite in many people's eyes, however, her skills and experience from being a news reader have left her in good stead for her new career.

The 53-year-old noted: "In journalism and as a therapist you’re helping people to tell their stories, to have a voice and be heard.

"Lord knows, my journalism got me over the line with my books, meeting deadlines and everything else involved."

Another positive from her career move includes spending more time with her husband Mike Heron and their two children Clemency Florence Rose, 12, and Wilbur nine, as well as their cocker spaniel, Gatsby.

Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton quit the BBC in 2021


Kate has taken her new-found freedom in her stride and released her first book, There’s No Such Thing As Naughty, in 2021 and recently completed her second book, There’s Still No Such Thing As Naughty, aimed at parents of older children.

Keeping television firmly within her roots, she recently partnered with children’s TV show Bing for their campaign, Bing’s Little Wins.

She shared her experience and tips about the realities of life with toddlers – something Kate has experienced herself and is clearly passionate about.

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