Peter Andre bravely opens up on parents’ 'rapid' health decline as GB News star admits it's 'hard to deal with'

Peter Andre bravely opens up on parents’ 'rapid' health decline as GB News star admits it's 'hard to deal with'

Peter Andre's wife Emily discusses new book on children's mental health

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 21/02/2024

- 16:11

Peter Andre’s mother Thea, 87, is battling Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, whilst his father Savva’s, 92, health is also declining

Peter Andre has admitted that watching his elderly parents' "rapid decline" is hard to deal with as he prepares to become a father for the fifth time.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has also opened up on how hard he finds it that his parents still live on the other side of the world.

Discussing how "sad" it makes him to think about his parents old age, he told New! Magazine: "I'm loving life and age is just a number.

"You can live life to the fullest at any age. I will be honest, though, the only thing that makes me sad about getting older is tat my parents are too.

"Although I thank God my parents are still here, I am seeing the rapid decline, especially in Mum. I find that part hard to deal with."

He added: "Like most people, I’m so close to my parents that it is really difficult to come to terms with."

Last year, Andre updated his fans and explained that he has been "worrying every day" after his mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In January 2023, he took his family to Australia to visit his mum and dad, admitting it "meant to the world" to him despite the "cruel" conditions his mother was grappling with.

He shared some snaps of his trip on his Instagram and noted: "We worry every single day as it takes hold. I will cherish every moment I have."

Back in October 2023, Andre and his wife Emily announced they were expecting their third baby together, and the singer's fifth.

Peter and Emily Andre

Peter and Emily are expecting their third child together


Despite the happy news, Andre admitted that they decided to initially keep the news from his mother in case anything went bad during the pregnancy.

"I didn’t want to risk later having to break bad news. Heaven forbid if something went wrong, it would have really hurt my mama.

"She’s always been so strong as a person, so to all of a sudden see her not so strong is hard. But she’s so thrilled and asks every day about the bump," he told OK!.

During a recent episode of Andre’s GB News Saturday show with Ellie Costello, his wife joined them in the studio where they discussed how “soft” the 50-year-old had become, the more children came along.

Peter Andre

Peter opened up that his mums decline is worrying


He told Costello: "Now Junior, my eldest, is a bit disappointed in my parenting because I was so strict with him and then with the other two. But I'm not as strict now. As each child came along, I became less and less strict."

Defending why she thought Andre had mellowed over the years, his wife noted: "I think we just try to be open with them. We just have open dialogue in the family. Who's the strictest one?

"I think it's a balance. I learned a lot from Pete as well, but you've got to be strict and have those boundaries. They have to know that there's love there as well."

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