Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little recalls ‘mortifying’ moment amid rumours of female replacement: ‘I’m not a big deal’

Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little recalls ‘mortifying’ moment amid rumours of female replacement: ‘I’m not a big deal’

Ralf Little recalls mortifying moment of being recognised with Death in Paradise jumper on

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 13/04/2024

- 18:11

Ralf Little’s character DI Neville Parker sailed away with Florence Cassell at the end of series 13

Death in Paradise star Ralf Little detailed the “mortifying” moment he recently found himself in whilst going about his day-to-day business.

Little recently left BBC drama series Death in Paradise after four years, leaving the space of the Saint Marie detective inspector wide open for someone to take over.

Despite no longer being on the show, Little often keeps his fans updated as to what his latest projects are and what he gets up to in his spare time.

He recently opened up about his “mortifying” gym trip and admitted that wearing a Death in Paradise hoodie wasn’t his best move.

Discussing the moment with his fans on his Instagram story, he said: “I went to the gym this morning and I put on this hoodie just to keep warm because I was going to the gym and coming back.

“It is a Death in Paradise cast and crew hoodie and I found myself in St Pancreas Station which wasn’t the plan and it is suddenly really mortifying to be walking around wearing your own show’s hoodie.

Ralf Little

Ralf Little wore a Death in Paradise jumper to the gym


“And it is very kind of like ‘Ooh notice me, notice me’ and I have heard a couple of people go ‘It must be him he is wearing a Death in Paradise top’.

“And it is only a couple of people and no one else seems to give a toss so clearly I am not a big deal.”

In a separate video, he added: “I just said that to a few of my mates who worked on the show with me and they were like ‘Yeah lies, you just want the attention’.

“But that just makes it even worse because it didn’t work!”

Since his departure, there has been a lot of chatter surrounding who will step into his shoes as the next Saint Marie detective – with a lot of people hoping for a female lead.

After Life and Mandy star Diane Morgan was previously the frontrunner to take over from Little, but has since been overtaken by Inbetweeners actor Simon Bird.

According to Betfred, Bird has odds of 7/4 to become the lead of the BBC drama, however, Gavin and Stacey star Matthew Horne is hot on his tail.

Betfred’s Kayley Cornelius stated: "Simon Bird still remains the frontrunner to replace Ralf Little, however, we have witnessed a sharp boost in odds for Diane Morgan and Matthew Horne as they now both closely follow behind Simon so it could be a tight call for who could be the next Neville Parker!"

Ralf Little

Ralf Little recalls mortifying moment in St Pancreas


After his departure, Little noted that he wished he could have done 20 more years on the series but after talks with the BBC he concluded it “just felt right”.

“This last series was always going to be my last series, I had talks with the BBC, and with Red Planet, the production company and we all agreed that it just felt...

“If it was in my heart, like if it was just a heart decision, I'd have wanted to do it for 20 more years. But just for the show, and... for my character Neville, it just sort of felt like his story...

“It deserved to be sort of finished and his sort of journey... Sort of deserved to be completed and he deserved a nice happy ending and so it just felt right.”

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