BBC MasterChef fans baffled as contestant serves Gregg and John controversial dish: 'What's happening?'

BBC MasterChef fans baffled as contestant serves Gregg and John controversial dish: 'What's happening?'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 11/04/2024

- 21:48

Fans were scratching their heads over the contestant's choice of dish

MasterChef was back on Thursday, with a new host of wannabe chefs hoping to impress Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

As always, a group of cooks dwindled after each stage, but some of the choices of dishes left viewers baffled.

As the group were introduced to the iconic MasterChef kitchen, they were given their first task.

“Your first round, we call basic to brilliant,” Wallace stated, adding: “Taking a basic everyday item you find and turning it into something brilliant.”

Retired new business manager Penny decided to use mushrooms as her key ingredient, and when Wallace quizzed her about her dish, she explained she’d be making a Full English.

“Are you?” a surprised Wallace asked, to which Penny replied: “I've got two sons, there's nothing they like better than a Full English. So when I hear them rising at about midday I can serve them their brunch.”

Gregg Wallace and John Torode

Gregg and John were presented with a Full English


“Your boys aren't getting up until midday? How old are they?” The judge probed.

“In their early 40s but you know when they come to their mums, you kind of revert back to childhood, don't you?” Penny admitted.

“What a lovely, loving mum,” Wallace commented. Speaking to the cameras, Torode enthused: “A mushroom in four different ways!”

However, viewers didn’t find the dish as exciting. Taking to X, one wrote: “Full English and now porridge! What’s happening on #Masterchef tonight!? Sign me and my pot noodle up.”


Fans were surprised by the contestant choosing to cook a fry-up


“If someone can go on #masterchef and cook a full english, then I’m going on and making a sandwich,” another shared.

Commenting on the presentation, a third penned: “That full English on #masterchef belongs in the bin.”

“It's a full English....but not as we know it #MasterChef,” someone else remarked, while another added: “#MasterChef that full English looked like a bonfire.”

However, others disagreed, with some later delighted when Penny made it through to the next stage.


Penny cooked a Full English for the judges


“Penny Hurrah #MasterChef,” one posted, while another added: “What’s not masterful about a fry up? Get on it #Masterchef”. (sic)

Unfortunately for Penny though, she ended up being eliminated after the next stage.

“I’m really disappointed to be going home I have to say,” she remarked.

“But I’ll look back on my MasterChef experience with great joy. It was such a challenge and I feel I’ve achieved so much already, so I’m happy but sad.”

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