Channel 5 viewers baffled as The Cuckoo airs ‘far-fetched’ scenes: ‘Let down’

Channel 5 viewers baffled as The Cuckoo airs ‘far-fetched’ scenes: ‘Let down’
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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 10/04/2024

- 22:35

The series once again left fans divided as the penultimate episode aired

The Cuckoo continued for its penultimate episode on Wednesday and once again fans flooded with social media after being left divided in their thoughts.

As Sian (played by Jill Halfpenny) continued her bizarre antics, some started to think the drama was too “far fetched”.

The Channel 5 drama tells the story of Sian a lodger to a family-of-three who have recently made a move to the countryside.

While the mysterious Sian befriends schoolgirl Alice (Freya Hannan-Mills) and mum Jessica (Claire Goose), dad Nick (Lee Ingleby) soon becomes suspicious of her.

A synopsis for the drama reads: “As their family reaches breaking point, Jessica and Nick uncover the truth of Sian's troubled past.

“In a race against time, Jessica and Nick must track down Sian before she can inflict any more pain on the family. As Jessica confronts Sian, she mysteriously disappears.”

Jill Halfpenny as Sian

The Cuckoo viewers complained the story was 'far-fetched'

Channel 5

The latest episode saw Alice running away with Sian, which left viewers baffled by how “unrealistic” the story had become.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one penned: “#thecuckoo what a ridiculous storyline this is! As if you'd let a complete stranger practically take over your house!”

“Why are they letting her undermine them the whole time?#TheCuckoo,” another asked.

A third added: “Jess needs to wake up, allowing a lodger to get so close to her daughter #thecuckoo.”

The Cuckoo

Fans were left divided by the series

Channel 5

“Life changing events going on with your daughter so the best thing to do is leave her with the lodger of one week?!? #TheCuckoo,” someone else shared.

“Alice won't believe her parent's but she will believe a woman who she has only known 5 minutes.. #thecuckoot,” another commented.

Someone else added: “This is so far fetched and overacted - why am I still watching it #thecuckoo.”

“What an absolutely shockingly s*** story #thecuckoo,” another complained.


Sian's strange behaviour continued

Channel 5

“#thecuckoo FAR FETCHED these ch5 'dramas' have been really letdowns,” another posted.

However, not everyone felt the same way, with some viewers enjoying the drama.

“How good is this !! #TheCuckoo,” one wrote, with another adding: “What a nut job. Good acting.”

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