UK weather forecast: Temperatures plunge below zero before final blast of heat strikes

Weather map

It will turn rainy and windy overnight

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 23/09/2023

- 14:18

The quick turnaround in temperatures is due to a 'tangle of weather fonts' according to the Met Office

Temperatures are set to dip “below freezing” in the UK today, before pleasant 21C heat is expected tomorrow.

The Met Office has pointed to a “tangle of weather fronts” to explain for the pleasant turnaround in temperatures this weekend.

During the day, the UK is to see a range of sunshine and light showers before turning wet and windy overnight.

This morning, temperatures in some parts of the UK were predicted to plummet.

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Meteorologist Alex Deakin said of the temperatures due this morning: “It is going to turn pretty chilly to start Saturday, we’re looking at temperatures in single figures almost across the board and well down into those single figures across parts of Scotland. Some pockets of western Scotland and northern England may dip down to freezing.”

The temperatures are expected to rise in the afternoon to the high tens, feeling “pleasant enough”.

As Saturday evening comes about, the wind and rain will pick up from the remnants of Storm Nigel, “potentially causing a few problems”, says Deakin.

East Anglia and south-east England look set to miss out on the wet weather.

Yet in Scotland and parts of northern England, a yellow weather warning has been issued from 4am tomorrow until midnight.


In Ireland, it will turn increasingly windy as the day progresses.

However, a major turnaround will see temperatures rising again tomorrow.

In the morning, rain will persist over much of the country.

Like today, East Anglia and south-East England are due to miss out on the wet weather.

Weather map

The UK will see a major turnaround in weather tomorrow

Met Office

Yet by the afternoon, most of England and Wales will also be able to enjoy the sunshine, with temperatures reaching between 20 and 22C.

Deakin points to a tropical system as an explanation for the sudden reversal.

“Look at the temperatures...we've jumped up by several degrees in most locations by Sunday. Because that's a tropical system that's driving the wet and windy weather in - so inherently the air is warmer, so temperatures will be higher.”

He warned that due to the unsettled weather, it won’t feel that much warmer.

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