Storm Agnes: Met Office strips back remaining warnings but hundreds of homes left without power

Storm Agnes/Power shortages map

Storm Agnes caused havoc yesterday

PA/National Grid
Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 28/09/2023

- 07:37

Updated: 28/09/2023

- 08:21

Over 500 homes are currently experiencing power shortages

Storm Agnes – which caused havoc across the UK yesterday with its 80mph winds – has had all of its warnings stripped back by the Met office.

The storm has now started to clear away to the northeast and the yellow weather warnings which were originally in place for today, have now been removed.

Yet whilst the yellow weather warnings have been curtailed, many are still feeling the effects of the storm.

According to the National Grid, 10 different areas ranging from Truro to Sheffield are experiencing power cuts this morning.

WATCH NOW: Storm Agnes hits the UK

Approximately 563 properties are currently affected by the power shortages.

The latest the energy company expects all issues will be resolved will be by 2pm this afternoon.

Storm Agnes brought travel disruption, flooding and power outages across many parts of the UK.

Over 130 properties on the Isles of Sicily, experienced power outages for around four hours yesterday.


Train operators issued warnings of potential disruptions to services, whilst an EasyJet plan was unable to land in Belfast due to ferocious winds.

In Cork, Ireland fallen trees and roofs sliding off of buildings caused chaos across the city.

The Met Office has said that the biggest impact across the UK has been the winds.

It hit a high of 79mph in Capel Curig, a village in Wales yesterday evening.

Met Office weather map showing Storm Agnes impact

The Met Office have now removed all weather warnings

Met Office

Other areas battered by brutal winds were Aberdaron, Wales where 68mph winds hit, and Glenanne, Northern Ireland where gusts reached 58mph.

Meteorologist Dan Stroud said that gusts are starting to ease in England and Wales.

He said: "It’s an improving picture across England and Wales but there’s still some very strong gusts actually further north across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

"But we’re expecting the peak of the wind gusts in Storm Agnes to gradually ease during the overnight period."

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