'Spend your money where it's appreciated!' Britons 'cancel holidays' to Spain amid anti-tourist protests and new laws

Malaga, Spain

Some Britons have vowed to boycott Spain

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 14/06/2024

- 11:51

Britons vow to boycott Spain as some have felt unwelcome by protests and new restrictions affecting tourists

Protests took place in parts of Spain as recently as this week, when thousands marched against mass tourism in the Balearic Islands.

This followed recent demonstrations in Majorca and Menorca, and many Britons have said this has put them off going to Spain on holiday.

Spain is a popular holiday spot but some tourists feel unwelcome as locals protest about overtourism pushing up property prices.

While many protestors state they do not want tourists to leave altogether, they want to cut back on mass tourism and move towards more sustainable travel.

Majorca, SpainBritons have reacted to anti-tourist sentiment in Spain


Britons in Spain have also been affected by new laws such as the mandatory closing of shops that sell alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am in Ibiza and Majorca.

A new law in Platja D’Aro also prohibits tourists from appearing "on the public thoroughfare without clothing or only in their underwear or with clothing or accessories representing humans genitals or with dolls or other accessories of a sexual nature", which could affect stag and hen dos.

Some holidaymakers have hit back at the recent changes and vowed not to choose Spain for their summer holiday destinations again.

One GB News reader said they would not go back despite usually enjoy a break in the country.

They wrote: "We just cancelled our family holiday to Majorca in August. Now going to Greece instead. We used to go to Majorca every year but won't bother now, they won't survive without tourism."

Another agreed and said: "Well of course you are boycotting Spain, only a brain-dead moron spends their hard-earned money going on holiday to somewhere they are not wanted, and you are not wanted.

"They will find out the hard way that it will be much harder to get you back than to get rid of you."

Others encouraged holidaymakers to look at other destinations in Europe when going away.

One said: "Take and spend your holiday money elsewhere, either by taking a staycation or a holiday abroad. If they don't want us, then they clearly don't want our money...for now. Go elsewhere, folks. I am!"

Another added: "I go to Cyprus every year anyway, safe and very friendly been going 25 years. I gave up on Spain ages ago."


Beach Spain

Spain has long been a favoured holiday spot among tourists


One more praised Britons who said they will go elsewhere: "Good! Well done people!! Spend our money where it is appreciated!"

However, not all Britons going to Spain have felt unwelcome and some have defended the country as a holiday destination.

One GB News reader said they have not found the country unwelcoming everywhere: "Yes in the cities we are not welcome, the towns are different."

This comes as holidaymakers have been given a weather warning for parts of Europe, including Majorca which endured flooding earlier this week.

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