Gary Lineker left 'naked and vomiting in seven hours of torture' after BBC presenter took snus

Gary Lineker left 'naked and vomiting in seven hours of torture' after BBC presenter took snus

Gary Lineker has opened up on his snus ordeal while working for the BBC

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 09/11/2023

- 10:49

Updated: 09/11/2023

- 11:06

The 62-year-old has opened up on the horrific ordeal

Gary Lineker has revealed he was left vomiting for seven hours while naked after taking snus.

The sale of snus, a smokeless tobacco, is illegal in the United Kingdom.

However, it is not a banned substance and the use of snus has been on the rise among professional footballers in recent years.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Lineker has now shed light on his horrendous experience of taking the nicotine product.

WATCH NOW: Lineker reveals snus hell

He says he initially declined the chance to take snus but, after a few drinks, then opted to go for a 'weak' option.

Lineker was left to regret his decision, however, and has revealed he was vomiting for hours prior to the opening match of Euro 2020 between Italy and Turkey.

"I got undressed ready for bed and suddenly started to feel really, really dizzy," he said.

"So I sit on the bed and I'm stark naked, and I've whipped this thing straight out my mouth and thrown it in the bin.

"I start to sweat, but I'm freezing.

"I'm sweating and I'm sweating and there's a pool on the floor, and I can't move.

"I'm thinking what the hell have they done to me."

He added: "Eventually I lay on the floor and I crawl to the toilet like a snake, just sliding, that's the only way I could get there.

"And just before I got to the toilet, I vomit everywhere, it's on the shower screens, it's all over."

Lineker then proceeeded to fall asleep.

When he awoke, however, he said he was on his front like a snake.

"I'm back on my front, sliding like a snake," he continued.

"I got into my bed and I thought I'll look at the time. It was 7am in the morning. I'd had seven hours of absolute torture."

Lineker, in the end, was able to recover in time to present the opening match of the Euros.

It was a summer to remember for Italy, who beat Turkey in their opening fixture before going on to win the tournament.

Meanwhile, regarding Lineker, GB News have been told the 62-year-old may have to stay 'relatively silent' in order to remain presenter of Match of the Day.

The ex-footballer is often outspoken about his views and opinions on social media.

And former BBC Radio 4 presenter Roger Bolton says Lineker is facing a 'difficult' decision when it comes to staying on Match of the Day, having presented the programme since 1999.

He said: "Well I think what's interesting is it looks as though the BBC are going to get Match of the Day back, ITV aren't going to bid.

"So they'll have to make a decision down the line about who they want to present it.


Gary Lineker snus

Gary Lineker's snus ordeal came just hours before he covered Italy's win over Turkey at Euro 2020


"And that's a decision for Gary Lineker that will be difficult.

"He'll be presented with a contract that will put into the contract these BBC guidelines.

"And he has a show that is one of the most important shows and he is a figure who, for many people, represents the BBC.

"[He will] have to sign up to be relatively silent in future or express his views very carefully."

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