Eni Aluko delivers update after being accused of sharing 'transphobic' JK Rowling post on social media

Eni Aluko delivers update after being accused of sharing 'transphobic' JK Rowling post on social media

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 20/04/2024

- 12:52

The former Chelsea star has updated fans

Eni Aluko was recently accused of sharing a 'transphobic' post by Chelsea's LGBTQ supporters group after she retweeted a message from JK Rowling.

And the former Blues star has now revealed she's sat down with the Chair of the 'Chelsea Pride' group.

Earlier this week, Aluko was criticised for sharing a tweet from Rowling.

Rowling has angered members of the transgender community for her stance on the gender debate.

Eni Aluko JK Rowling

Eni Aluko recently sparked a backlash by retweeting a post from JK Rowling


On Tuesday, the author of the Harry Potter books received a message from a fan that read: "I don't think it is nice to call trans women 'men'."

Rowling then replied by saying: "I don't think it's nice to lock rapists in with female prisoners, allow mediocre males to participate in women's and girls' sport, or for women to get death and rape threats for speaking up for their rights.

"When you've stopped all that happening, we can talk 'nice.'"

Aluko then shared the post on her social media account.

That prompted a backlash, with Chelsea Pride criticising Aluko for her actions.

Eni Aluko

Eni Aluko has delivered an update after being accused of sharing a transphobic post on social media


And the 37-year-old has now claimed she sat down with the Chair of the group in the wake of the storm.

"I've now had a really cool conversation with Tracy, Chair at Chelsea pride supporters group," she wrote.

"It's all love and support both ways.

"A misunderstanding on my part of the JK Rowling tweet which I retweeted only because of its references to women being abused for speaking up for their rights.

"I did not interpret it as transphobia and I am not in support of transphobia.

"We are aligned and together against any form of discrimination including transphobia. Chelsea together. #NoToHate'."

Chelsea Pride also released a statement of their own, with the group saying: "Our Chair Tracy chatted with Eni about equality last night.

"To our followers, the trans community and its allies, Eni was very apologetic regarding the retweet.

"She made it clear. #NoToTransphobia and #NoToHate."

Chelsea Pride had previously said it was 'extremely disappointed to see a former player sharing transphobic posts'.

They also said: "Advocating for equality necessitates rejecting all forms of discrimination, including transphobia.

"Embracing equality means championing the rights and dignity of every individual without exception.

"Equality is a universal principle that applies to all, unequivocally.

"So being transphobic contradicts the principles of equality and inclusivity."

Aluko has been in the spotlight over the past few months amid a row with Joey Barton.


Eni Aluko

Eni Aluko insists men's football isn't safe for women


And the former Chelsea star insists men's football isn't safe for women, too.

"Men's football in this country is still not a safe place for women," she recently told the Sports Agents podcast.

"Whether you're the wife of an average football fan who loves football or you're me who works in professional broadcasting, it's not a safe space.

"It's not a safe space physically going to a stadium and it's not a safe space on online."

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