William 'a true prince but Harry is Meghan Markle's pawn' - New Yorkers give their verdicts on Royal Family

Prince William

Prince William greets New Yorkers

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 21/09/2023

- 14:36

Updated: 21/09/2023

- 14:43

The Prince of Wales drew massive crowds during his two-day trip to New York this week

Prince William has been hailed as a "true prince" while Prince Harry was labelled Meghan Markle's "pawn" by New Yorkers.

Americans spoke exclusively to GB News to express their thoughts on the Prince of Wales, and how he is a "role model" in comparison to his younger brother, Prince Harry.

When asked if they gathered specifically to see Prince William, a New Yorker told GB News: "Yes, because he's an incredible person, a great leader and an awesome role model for a lot of younger people.

"I have a son that thinks he's quite fascinating. He loves the ocean and he thinks a lot of the Earthshot stuff is just awesome."

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In a recent poll, William was crowned the most popular public figure in the United States who could unite the country.

When asked why the Prince is so popular, a New Yorker claimed: "I think his optimism. I think that Americans like to have that sense of we could be better, we could be doing more and he embodies that.

"He just keeps his head down and gets the job done. So there's a deep appreciation for that as well."

When asked if the younger generation of royals are doing enough to gain support among youth groups, a local New Yorker commented: "I think so, yes. I think our age and people a little older and a little younger than us see ourselves mirrored in a way, and how they prioritise their family, but also helping out others - it's inspiring."

Prince William

Prince William draws huge crowds


Prince William

New Yorkers see Prince William as an 'inspiration'


When asked what they would say to the Prince of Wales if they had the chance to meet him, a New Yorker told GB News: "Thank you for inspiring so many people and having so many incredible initiatives like Earthshot, like Homewards, all those things that just are making a difference for someone.

"And I think that's what all of us should be doing. And keep doing it."

Fans of the Royal Family who gathered in New York City were asked about their opinions of Prince Harry, and how he compares to his older brother.

One royal fan suggested: "I think Prince William is truly a true Prince. I think Harry is just unfortunately a pawn of his wife."

Prince William

Prince William enjoys greeting everyone


Prince William

Prince William promotes Earthshot Prize Awards in New York


Prince William

William holds audience with President of Ecuador, Lasso Mendoza at UN General Assembly


The royal watcher was then asked if Meghan Markle is "controlling" her husband, to which they agreed.

"I think they'll probably end up getting divorced," they told GB News. "The country is very disappointed with them."

Some fans, however, pointed out that the drama surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is a bigger story in the UK than it is in the US.

They explained: "I don't know that they're perceived that much. I feel it's talked about more across the pond than it is here. We have a lot of things going on here!"

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