Netflix bid to 're-vilify' Prince Andrew: Lee Cohen slams 'No appreciation Andrew hasn't been convicted of anything'

Netflix bid to 're-vilify' Prince Andrew: Lee Cohen slams 'No appreciation Andrew hasn't been convicted of anything'

Netflix wants to 're-vilify' Andrew, says Lee Cohen

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 10/04/2024

- 20:56

Scoop is the latest royal Netflix project

Netflix is under fire over its dramatisation of Prince Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview.

According to US journalist Lee Cohen, the streaming giant is bidding to ‘re-vilify’ the Duke despite him not being convicted of anything.

Prince Andrew spoke to Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight in 2019 to address his relationship with paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“Why was this drama made at an exorbitant cost while the real interview still exists?”, Cohen asked.

Lee Cohen and Prince Andrew

Netflix wants to 're-vilify' Andrew, according to Lee Cohen


He continued: “Why should Prince Andrew or any living person be made subject to a fictional account of their life with invented dialogue and innuendo?

“This is nothing but an attempt to re-vilify the Prince again. Just when he was just beginning to win some thawing in attitudes against him.


Prince AndrewPrince Andrew is the subject of a new Netflix filmPA
Nana Akua and Lee Cohen

Nana Akua spoke to Lee Cohen on GBN America


“Prince Andrew is once again being singled out while other names such as Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are given free passes because they are the darlings of the woke.”

Later in the discussion, Nana Akua hit out at Netflix, blaming the streaming giant for many of the Royal Family’s recent woes.

“I totally agree with you [Lee Cohen]”, she said.

“You can’t make dramatisations about people who actually are alive and then make up stories about their life.

“I can’t watch The Crown because I think it’s a disgrace, frankly. But it’s all Netflix again, isn’t it?

“Netflix did the Sussex documentaries, The Crown and now this.

“I think we need to be having a word with Netflix.”

The new Netflix film is based on the recollection of the events leading up to and including the event of Andrew’s bombshell interview by former Newsnight talent booker Sam McAlister.

Played by actress Billie Piper, the crux of the film focuses on her persistence in achieving the interview.

Scoop is not the last of the newfound media coverage of the interview as a second project, titled A Very Royal Scandal, is set to drop on Amazon Prime laster this year.

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