Meghan Markle’s major fear outlined as Duchess opts to skip Coronation

Meghan Markle’s major fear outlined as Duchess opts to skip Coronation

Meghan Markle's major fear is outlined by Dan Wootton

GB News
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 12/04/2023

- 19:10

The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California during the celebration

Meghan Markle opted to steer clear of King Charles III’s Coronation due to fear of being booed by the British public, according to Dan Wootton.

It comes after the Sussexes put an end to months of speculation over their plans for the Coronation by announcing Prince Harry will attend, but Meghan will remain in the US.

According to statements put out by the couple’s charitable foundation Archewell and Buckingham Palace, the Duchess has opted to remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

But according to Dan Wootton, the Duchess would have made the trip if she did not harbour concerns over the potential backlash.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle will not be by her husband's side at the King's Coronation


Speaking on GB News, he said: “She doesn’t want to be booed. The reality is, if she had attended the Coronation, she would have been booed.

“The British public were going to boo her, and Meghan knew that, and she didn’t want to put herself through that.

“Mark my words, if Meghan thought there was any way she could attend the Coronation and be welcomed with rapturous applause by the British public, she would be here.

“She knows that her career hinges on a proximity to the Royal Family and that’s how she gets those big bucks with deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

Dan Wootton speaks on GB News

Dan Wootton says Meghan Markle 'couldn't take the risk' of attending the Coronation

GB News

“But Meghan couldn’t take the risk given how the British public would feel about her.

“You’ll remember Harry was here a couple of weeks ago to test the waters in his court case against Associated Newspapers.

“There was absolutely no need for him to turn up but he wanted to see what sort of reaction he would get.

“I think what the Sussexes quickly realised is that Meghan is the real lightning rod for some of that dislike amongst members of the public.”

Harry laid bare his troubled relationship with the Royal Family in his memoir, ‘Spare’, where he criticised Charles’s parenting, while also accusing the monarch of being jealous of Meghan and Kate.

It will be the first time Harry has been seen in a public setting with Charles, Camilla, his brother the Prince of Wales, sister in law the Princess of Wales and the rest of his family since he lambasted them in his book.

Despite the public criticism, Dan Wootton believes the Duke of Sussex will not be met with a hostile reception from the British public.

He told Patrick Christys: “He’s going to only be there for a short moment, he’s not going to be a part of any official celebrations.

“I think he has decided that in order to avoid the public indignity of a booing, he’s going to have to make sure there is no sort of stunt or walkabout.

“He’s going to be in and out very quickly.”

In a series of claims made in the book, Harry branded Camilla “dangerous” while accusing her of sacrificing him on “her own PR altar”.

The Duke also went on to allege that it was William and Kate who encouraged him to notoriously dress up as a Nazi at a fancy dress party.

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