‘Ridiculous!’ Jennie Bond blasts King Charles ‘panto’ as he’s FORCED to read plan ‘he doesn’t agree with’

‘Ridiculous!’ Jennie Bond blasts King Charles ‘panto’ as he’s FORCED to read plan ‘he doesn’t agree with’

Jennie Bond joined GB News to discuss King Charles' speech

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/11/2023

- 15:50

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 17:08

Jennie Bond said King Charles and Queen Camilla 'didn't enjoy it for a moment'

Royal commentator Jennie Bond has criticised King Charles' first State Opening of Parliament as Monarch, branding it a "pantomime".

King Charles sat in Parliament yesterday as the first King in over 70 years, to read the government's plans for the year ahead.

In his speech, King Charles announced plans for new annual oil and gas licenses, as well as a push on the Renter's Reform Bill and the Illegal Migration Act.

King Charles said: "My government will continue to take action to bring down inflation to ease the cost of living for families and help businesses fund new jobs and investment."

Jennie Bond appears on GB News

Jennie Bond said the King's Speech was a 'pantomime'

GB News

The King added: "My minister's focus is on increasing economic growth and safeguarding the health and security of the British people for generations to come.

"These decisions will help household finances, reduce public sector debt and safeguard the financial security of the country."

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on GB News, Bond reacted to the monarch's speech and said the event was "ridiculous".

Bond claimed: "There's nothing new. All there is new is there's the policies, there's a political story. It's really not for me."

Bond then suggested the King didn't enjoy opening Parliament, stating: "This is ridiculous. This is a pantomime. I can't think for a moment the King enjoyed it or the Queen. It's obviously very expensive to stage something like this.

"Yes, it's a wonderful spectacle, but you know, we've seen it quite recently with the Coronation, and that was a celebration."

Bond continued: "This is a man being obliged to stand up and read a speech, clearly some of which he did not agree with. You didn't expect him at any moment to toss the whole document over his shoulder and say what a load of biffle, obviously you can't do that.

"The whole thing was so uncomfortable and I thought, why do we carry on doing this? It should have been the Prime Minister standing in Parliament outlining his program. That's my view."

King Charles opens Parliament for the first time as monarch

King Charles opened Parliament for the first time as reigning monarch on Tuesday


Presenter Isabel Webster agreed with Bond, suggesting there could be a "hybrid" ceremony, but highlighted that "lots of British people enjoy it".

Isabel said: "You could sort of almost have a ribbon cutting or something similar to open Parliament. And then he stands to one side and lets the Prime Minister of the day read his own legislative plans.

"Because as you say, it's just so awkward. All of the cameras trained on the King at the particular point, they thought he might flinch. You know the pressure."

Bond replied in agreement: "It's too much and and pointless. This is a political day and actually we make a great song and dance about yes, this is a constitutional monarchy, but our King or Queen is above politics, neutral.

"And there's a lot of symbolism in this whole procedure, which none of us really understand."

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