'The madness must end!' McCarthy wades into US migrant crisis after records broken AGAIN

Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy wades into US migrant crisis after records broken again

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 28/09/2023

- 13:55

The House Speaker claimed the single-day record for migrant arrivals was broken for the second time this week.

Kevin McCarthy has waded into the US migrant crisis and claiming that the single-day record for migrant arrivals was broken again this week.

The House Speaker laid into Joe Biden over the escalating crisis warning that the impending government shutdown could prevent the country from controlling its border.

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“11,000 illegal crossings at our Southern border yesterday,” McCarthy wrote on social media.

“It's the second time this week that Biden has broken the single-day record.

“This madness must end!”

McCarthy cited statistics that 11,000 migrants were entering the US illegally each day, however, GB News was unable to independently verify McCarthy’s claims.


Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been told to avoid a government shutdown in a bid to stop people flooding across the border


His comments come as the octogenarian president seeks to avoid an impending government shutdown which would see hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed and the suspension of a wide range of government services.

Officials in border towns have expressed concern that the government shutdown would lead to a “catastrophic situation”.

“It's totally different than the rest of the country. We're at the border,” Mayor Victor Treviño of Laredo Texas said.

“Three to four days will throw everything off scale, it'll cause devastation.”

Migrants crossing the US border

Migrants crossing the US border


In an accompanying press conference, the House Speaker said: “If we pay attention to what happened at the border yesterday, 11,000 people came across, that’s 50,000 in the last five days.

“Now you’ve got the governor of New York and the governor of Massachusetts declaring a state of national emergency.

“The president can take action. The president can do something here that would really help us keep government open and at the same time secure our border.”

He continued: “I would welcome a meeting with the president on how to secure the border. I have asked for that from the day I took office. Let’s deal with the border.

“Just going and joining a picket line doesn’t solve the problem by having a photo-op. Why don’t you [Biden] sit down in a meeting and get serious about making sure government doesn’t shut down. I want to sit down with the president to secure that border.”

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