Texas 'won't back down' Abbott rages as Biden undermines bid to secure US border

National Guard lays razor wire and Greg Abbott

Texas Governor hits back against Biden as he doubles down on razor wire to stop migrants: 'We won't back down!'

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Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 27/09/2023

- 14:23

Greg Abbott warned the Biden administration was 'opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants' by cutting the wire

Greg Abbott has hit back at Joe Biden after the president’s administration was accused of undoing the work of the Texas Governor to secure the southern US border.

The Lone Star State’s governor was forced to deploy the National Guard to help tackle the escalating crisis.

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“Texas will not sit by while the Biden Admin undermines our historic effort to secure the border,” Abbott wrote.

“The Texas National Guard took immediate action to install more razor wire after the Biden Admin cut it.

“We won’t back down.”

Abbott’s comments come after the mayor of a Texan border city declared it was at “breaking point” due to the influx of migrants.

Migrants cross razor wire at Eagle point

Greg Abbott told Biden, 'We won’t back down'


The Texan city of Eagle Pass was forced to declare an emergency after more than 8,000 arrived in just one week.

“The city of El Paso only has so many resources and we have come to... a breaking point right now,” El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said.

Migrant numbers crossing the border have surged in the last six weeks, jumping from around 350 people per day to the thousands.

According to the latest migrant data, illegal crossing attempts jumped to the highest number on record, reaching 304,162 in just one month.

A member of the Texas National Guard reinforces the razor wire to keep out a large group of migrants

Illegal crossing attempts jumped to the highest number on record


Speaking on the used methods to keep the border secure Abbott said: “I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden's policies.

“We deployed the Texas National Guard, DPS & local law enforcement.

“We are building a border wall, razor wire & marine barriers.

“We are also repelling migrants.”

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