Donald Trump's bond victory is 'helping' Presidential campaign, claims advisor: 'Voters don't care!'

Donald Trump's bond victory is 'helping' Presidential campaign, claims advisor: 'Voters don't care!'

WATCH NOW: Jennifer Ewing reacts to Trump's bond grant reduction from $464million to $175million

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 25/03/2024

- 18:59

Donald Trump has been granted a bond reduction and deadline extension in his civil fraud case

Donald Trump's ongoing legal cases are something US voters "do not care about", claims Republicans Overseas UK advisor Jennifer Ewing.

This follows the former US President's latest victory in his ongoing battle with the New York courts in a civil fraud case, where Trump is accused of deceiving banks and insurers by "inflating his wealth" on financial statements, used to secure loans and make deals.

Today, a New York appeals court has agreed to hold off collecting Trump's $454million bond (£359million), if he pays $175million (£138million) within 10 days.

Reacting to the ruling, Trump told reporters outside the court that the case is all down to "election interference" and "shouldn't be allowed to happen".

Jennifer Ewing and Donald Trump

Jennifer Ewing says US voters 'do not care' about Trump's ongoing legal battles

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Emerging from the court, Trump raged: "This is a case that could have been brought three and a half years ago, and now they're fighting over dates because they want to try and do it during the election.

"It's a disgrace and we will obviously be appealing. But this is a pure case of voter intimidation and election interference."

Reacting to the court's ruling, spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK Jennifer Ewing says the "lawfare" against the former President is "getting very complicated" as his campaign continues, ahead of November's election.

Speaking to GB News host Martin Daubney, Ewing said it was an "egregious case to begin with" but suggested that Trump "will have the cash" to pay the new bond amount to the courts.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump blamed the timing of the cases on 'election interference'


Discussing the upcoming election and a suspected rematch between Trump and Biden later this year, Martin asked Ewing if the ongoing court cases, including the civil fraud case, would affect the strength of his campaign.


Ewing explained: "It's surprisingly helping, although I don't think it should be a surprise anymore. If we go back to May of last year, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were neck and neck. And then all of a sudden, these indictments started coming up.

"And with each one, Trump's numbers went up. People do not care about this - they know that Donald Trump, especially in this case, has been one of the most well-known real estate moguls in New York City for half a century."

Highlighting the timing of Trump's indictments during his campaign trail, Ewing added: "Nothing like this has ever been brought up. He ran for president, as we know, nothing like it was brought up during his presidency. And so now when he decides to run again, this is coming out.

"Trump isn't wrong. The Attorney General, she ran on getting Trump. It was a case of 'here's the man, let me find the crime'."

Jennifer Ewing

Jennifer Ewing said it is 'not surprising' that the cases are not affecting Trump's campaign

GB News

Ewing also noted that people "who do not like Trump" are predicting an election win for the former Potus in November, despite the legal cases against him.

Ewing told Martin: "Frank Luntz, who's a very famous pollster, does not like Trump. And he came out over the weekend and basically said, if these people continue with all of this lawfare, Donald Trump will win."

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump said he will "abide by the decision" and post either a "bond, equivalent securities, or cash".

Donald Trump has always denied wrongdoing in all the standing cases against him.

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