Tories should 'GIVE UP!' Britons 'want a change' after double by-election defeat claims ex-Labour aide

Tories should 'GIVE UP!' Britons 'want a change' after double by-election defeat claims ex-Labour aide

Tories should 'GIVE UP!': Brits 'WANT a change' after double by-election defeat

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 16/02/2024

- 11:55

Labour overturns two large majorities to take seats in Wellingborough and Kingswood on a bad night for the Conservative party

Former Labour adviser Scarlett Mccgwire has said that a lot of people are "fed up" with the Conservative party and they should just "give up".

It comes as the political party faced a major blow as Labour won by-elections in both Wellingborough and Kingwood last night.

Gen Kitchen secured Wellingborough with 45.8 per cent of the vote, while Damien Egan won Kingswood with 44.9 per cent support.

The results provided Labour with a boost after a U-turn on the party's pledge to spend £28billion on green projects and the antisemitism rows this week.

Scarlett Mccgwire

Scarlett Mccgwire said that the Tories should just give up

GB News

Speaking to GB News Mccgwire said: "I think a lot of people are fed up with the Conservatives have actually gone to Reform.

"I think it is a reasonable point when Christopher Hope says if Reform had stayed at home Tories would have won.

"But there are a lot of 'what if's' but actually if Reform had stayed at home, the people would have just stayed at home as well.

"People have come out and voted for Labour, in both of these seats it's absolutely clear that the Conservatives had given up and they gave up from the beginning.

Rishi SunakRishi Sunak has had a difficult nightPA

"They didn't even try. And you think, okay, just give up now, give us a general election. That's what people are wanting.

"Let's just get it over with and see what's happening and let's have a massive one.

"I mean at the moment there is by-election after by-election, polling after polling, and the people are fed up and they want to change."

Political commentator Alexander Armstrong added: "What's happening is that disillusioned Tory voters aren't showing up, which is going to hand the Labour Party quite a lot of seats.

"Particularly if this is repeated in a general election."

Keir StarmerKeir Starmer is delighted with the by-election resultsGB News

The results mean the Conservatives has now suffered the most by-election defeats of any government since the 1960s, surpassing the eight defeats suffered by John Major in the run-up to Tony Blair's 1997 landslide victory.

Starmer spoke out on his party's success, saying: "These are fantastic results in Kingswood and Wellingborough that show people want change and are ready to put their faith in a changed Labour Party to deliver it.

"By winning in these Tory strongholds, we can confidently say that Labour is back in the service of working people and we will work tirelessly to deliver for them.

"The Tories have failed. Rishi’s recession proves that. That’s why we’ve seen so many former Conservative voters switching directly to this changed Labour Party.

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