‘That is for the birds!’ Nadine Dorries slams rumours of Boris Johnson returning as vice chair – ‘It is just nonsense!'

‘That is for the birds!’ Nadine Dorries slams rumours of Boris Johnson returning as vice chair – ‘It is just nonsense!'

Dorries spoke about the likelihood that Boris will return

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 14/04/2024

- 12:15

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out a return to front-line politics amid growing speculation that he could stand as an MP again

Former MP Nadine Dorries has squashed rumours that Boris Johnson could return to parliament as vice chair.

Speaking to GB News she explained: "It is bizarre. I saw a story, in The Sun I think, today which says that there is a plot to bring Suella [Braverman] in and have Boris as the Tory party vice chair.

"I almost spat out my drink as I read it. It is just nonsense. Why would anybody think that Boris Johnson wants to come back?"

"He hasn't ruled it out but this is a man with a winning record. He won the mayoralty in London twice as a Conservative, we will never do that again.

Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries was the former culture secretary

GB News

"He won the Conservative Party an 80-seat, once in a generation, majority and a bigger percentage of the vote share than Tony Blair did.

"The only substantial truthful reason why he was removed as Prime Minister is that he didn't eat a piece of cake that was brought to him at his desk, for which he received a fixed penalty notice.

"Why would he come back if MP's removed him in the way that they did?"

She added that the former PM would be likely to return to the Tory Party "one day" but claimed that it would not be as a vice chair.

"The idea that he would come back as vice chair of the party is for the birds.

"One day, in Boris's own words, can we envisage a Conservative Party of the future without him playing a major key role?

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson could make a comeback "one day"


"Absolutely not, it is unthinkable. This is the winner, he is the winner. Actually, when you look at what has happened to the Conservative Party since they removed him, it has sunk faster than a stone."

Boris Johnson stood down as a Conservative MP after an investigation into the Partygate scandal found he misled parliament and recommended a lengthy suspension from the House of Commons.

Partygate is an ongoing political scandal about (social gatherings or) parties that were held by the staff government and Conservative Party in the pandemic era.

The former Prime Minister angrily accused the investigation of trying to drive him out, and claimed there was a “witch-hunt underway, to take revenge for Brexit and ultimately to reverse the 2016 referendum result”.

Dorries formally resigned as MP for the constituency of Mid Bedfordshire and launched a blistering attack on Rishi Sunak.

She accused the PM of abandoning "the fundamental principles of Conservatism" and said the country was now run by a "zombie Parliament".

Her book titled The Plot: The Political Assassination Of Boris Johnson details the downfall of the prime minister.

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