If that first flight to Rwanda does ever leave, Rishi Sunak should be on it, says Patrick Christys

If that first flight to Rwanda does ever leave, Rishi Sunak should be on it, says Patrick Christys

Rishi Sunak should be on the first flight to Rwanda, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 09/04/2024

- 22:26

Updated: 09/04/2024

- 22:41

Rwanda is tarnished by its association with us and not the other way around

I am wondering whether or not we should just send Rishi Sunak to Rwanda.

This sorry saga has revealed a very telling thing. Rwanda is tarnished by its association with us and not the other way around.

Rwanda has started selling off houses earmarked for illegal immigrants sent there under the £500m Rwanda Plan to locals.

Apparently 70 per cent of the 163 homes have been taken, with 'sold' signs popping up in front of the properties.

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys has hit out at Rishi Sunak


The irony here, is that President Kigame has had enough and decided to put his own people first. He’s housing his own people. He is prioritising the housing and living conditions of his own citizens.

Unlike our Prime Minister. We’ve got these people getting ready to cross the Channel…and come to Britain to cost British people hundreds of millions of pounds and take up our housing stock.

The Rwandans have bent over backwards for us. They agreed to a deal when few other countries would. They took the repetitional damage from a load of middle class racist luvvies who, because this is an African country, just assumed that it must be an intolerable hellhole and said we can’t possibly send people there.

They’ve accepted delay, after delay.

In January they offered to give us a refund if we didn’t send anybody there.

When Sunak was facing a rebellion over the Rwanda Vote they issued a statement saying that they would back out of it if he pulled out of the ECHR.

Rishi Sunak faces a Conservative rebellion over his Rwanda Bill.

Rishi Sunak is under pressure to get his Rwanda plan to work

Parliament TV

Now Sunak needs to say he might pull out of the ECHR to get flights off the ground they’ve done him a favour and said they’ll still back the deal.

This is the same ECHR that other countries ignore all the time. France ignores them and just deports people.

It’s the same ECHR that has just ruled in favour of 2,000 elderly Swiss women and Greta Thunberg that entire nations could be taken to court if they fail to meet climate obligations. They are a bunch of complete fruit loops.

Just ignore them.

We called all of this early at GB News. We revealed The Rwanda Files showing: The UK detention capacity is only 1000, only 12 per cent of illegal arrivals will actually be removed AND 500 was the max deportations to Rwanda in the first year.

Great Britain can’t even find an airline to fly people over there.

And then today we get statements like this: “The leaders also discussed the pioneering UK and Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership which will break the business model of criminal gangs risking lives at sea, and the Prime Minister updated President Kagame on the next stages of the legislation in Parliament.

“Both leaders looked forward to flights departing to Rwanda in the spring.”

This is absolute insanity.

Just take a moment to appreciate that it is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who has demeaned his office so much that he is using the President of Rwanda for clout.

The Rwandans must be laughing at us.

What the grandees in the House of Lords who spend all day dribbling down their own chins and gorging on taxpayer subsidised food and wine fail to understand is that it is more damaging for Britain’s reputation if flights to Rwanda don’t take off than if they do. We have been turned into a laughing stock.

If that first flight to Rwanda does ever leave the runway, Rishi Sunak should be on it.

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