As Trump scowls in jail, Ramaswamy grins with Farage. But can the smile last?, asks Erbil Gunasti

As Trump scowls in jail, Ramaswamy grins with Farage. But can the smile last?, asks Erbil Gunasti

Vivek Ramaswamy has enjoyed huge media attention in recent days

Erbil Gunasti

By Erbil Gunasti

Published: 25/08/2023

- 18:17

Updated: 25/08/2023

- 18:50

'Ron DeSantis is the only one that stands a chance IF, and it’s a very big IF, Trump had to withdraw'

Stepping out onto the public worldwide stage for the first time at the first Primary debate, rookie Republican Vivek Ramaswamy lapped up the attention that comes with being the new kid on the block.

Calling himself the “skinny guy with the funny name,” he looked to be having fun fending off attacks from his seven opponents on stage in Milwaukee as the fight for the White House finally got going.

He was still pretty happy talking to Nigel Farage on GB News on Thursday night. But the Presidential race is a dirty business that can wipe the grin off anyone’s face in a heartbeat. Just ask Donald Trump.

The Fulton County jail mugshot that flew around the world just hours after Ramaswamy’s chat with Nigel showed a scowling yet defiant Trump.

Donald Trump's Fulton County jail mugshot flew around the world


He’s ready for another scrap. The scowl in Georgia clearly showed us that. But is Vivek?

And will it be against, or – as many think – alongside street-fighting Trump?
The mainstream opinion after Milwaukee was that it’s all about the two of them.

But to me the one who could still be smiling at the end of the race is Ron De Santis.

You see, to me, Florida’s Governor DeSantis didn’t do anything wrong on that stage. And he didn’t NEED to win. The others DID.

He’s the only one that stands a chance IF, and it’s a very big IF, Trump had to withdraw.

Looking along the line that night, realistically speaking, none of the other candidates for president has any chance to become the Republican Party Candidate.

First, it is odd to see Asa Hutchinson, former governor of Arkansas, Chris Christie of New Jersey, and former VP Mike Pence among these eight in this debate. They simply are non-starters.

Mike Pence is simply a no-no Republican among those who support Trump.

Vivek Ramaswamy was still grinning when he sat down with Farage 24 hours after the Republican debate


Christie would get no support from Trump supporters if their man dropped out.

Nikki Haley and current senator Tim Scott of South Carolina had an edge over the others before they entered this debate.

One - a woman - and the other – a black man - they make good diversity prospects for Vice President.

After all, the exercise in these debates is not only to select the presidential candidate but also to observe which candidate can be best suitable for the ticket as vice president.

Haley had an Achilles heel before coming to this debate because she had criticised Donald Trump.

And Tim Scott has always avoided any confrontation with the 45th president.
Haley didn’t help case by continuing to criticise Trump on more than one occasion - falling for the trap by Ramaswamy.

DeSantis tread very carefully throughout.

His black and white approach, saying that “I promised to deliver, and I did it in Florida” and “I will send the US military after drug gangs in Mexico” showed him playing the Trump card perfectly.

All in all, four of the eight candidates were conscious of the Trump voters and did everything they could not to offend.

Of the others Mike Pence should not have been there at all.

How in the world he thinks he can ever be a candidate for president from the Republican party when Trump voters will think him a snake.

It’s certainly not the time to be holier than holy and NOT defend Trump when everyone believes that there is an ongoing political persecution by Democrats in power.

This group of Republicans point out how Trump did not prosecute Hillary Clinton when he became president.

On the flip side they have seen Joe Biden actively go after Trump.

It is because of that in this debate, that another thing became crystal clear.

If the Republicans get back in the White House they will ‘cleanse’ Federal government and go after Biden and his son Hunter.

Hunter will become the hunted. As well as his dad. Whoever leads the hunt remains to be seen.

With all his troubles, the man with the scowl is still best placed to ‘Trump’ the rest. But DeSantis needs to sit and wait.

I believe so long as he plays it safe and doesn’t respond to Trump then he stands a chance. He does not need to win these debates, all he must do is perfect the look of a presidential and be patient.

Trump will never pick him as a VP candidate.

But there is no one else in the Republican party that fits the bill as the presidential candidate if Trump is not around. I believe DeSantis will keep smiling longer than Ramaswamy… And he could have the last laugh after all.

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