Putin's forces 'turned out to be paper tiger': US Major Glenn Ignazio blasts 'Russia tactics are old'

Putin's forces 'turned out to be paper tiger': US Major Glenn Ignazio blasts 'Russia tactics are old'

Glenn Ignazio joins Jacob Rees-Mogg on GBN America

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/03/2024

- 16:56

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 14:57

Ignazio says Russia's tactics have been 'great' for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has exposed Putin’s forces as a “paper tiger”, according to US military expert Glenn Ignazio.

He joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GBN America to reflect on the conflict in Ukraine over two years on from its commencement.

Russia has not been able to declare victory despite many expecting Putin’s forces to trounce what many perceived to be an inferior nation in regards to war infrastructure.

Ignazio criticised Russia’s tactics, claiming they are “old” and they are unable to make any significant inroads as a result.

Glenn Ignazio and Vladimir Putin

Glenn Ignazio has criticised Putin's tactics


“Russia has turned out to be a paper tiger”, he said.

“When you look at the numbers originally, it looked like Ukraine would be overwhelmed.


“The tenacity and creativity of Ukraine has led to them being able to hold their country, which is fantastic.

“Russia’s tactics are very old and the communications from ground to air don’t really exist.

“It has been great for Ukraine and Russia has shown they aren’t as strong as they have stated in the past.”

Rees-Mogg spoke last month on GB News about the need for Putin to be “stopped” and how every effort must be made to support Ukraine without sending troops to the war-stricken nation.


Putin is under fire for his military tactics

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Glenn Ignazio

Glenn Ignazio joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GBN America


But his sentiment is not shared by all, with Ukraine’s biggest backer, the US, grappling internally over support as House Republicans make Biden’s efforts to pump funding to Zelensky tricky.

Ignazio believes “war weariness” is lingering in the region and both sides are at a stalemate when it comes to making further inroads.

“Weapons are being depleted on both sides, so it really is a balanced fight right now”, he said.

“We are seeing some gains back and forth, so it is a really tough time on the ground right now but without much success for one or the other.”

Putin last month spoke to Western media in the form of conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson, with the interviewer since coming in for a barrage of criticism.

GB News’s Nigel Farage said Carlson had “failed” in the wake of the interview that saw Putin spout musings about Russian history with no comments made in regards to Alexei Navalny, the now dead prominent critic of the Russian president.

Nigel told GB News: "Tucker's a friend of mine, but I have to say, not even to ask a question about Navalny was I think the biggest failing of his interview, and I thought that at the time.

"Now it looks like very, very poor judgment from Tucker - that question had to be asked if there are elections coming up in Russia."

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