‘Smug, complacent IDIOTS!’ Nigel Farage blasts US ‘liberal elite’ as they mock Trump for highlighting debanking perils

‘Smug, complacent IDIOTS!’ Nigel Farage blasts US ‘liberal elite’ as they mock Trump for highlighting debanking perils

Nigel Farage blasts the US 'liberal elite'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 29/01/2024

- 20:34

Updated: 29/01/2024

- 21:10

Trump brought the issue to public attention in America

Nigel Farage has hit out at “smug, complacent idiots” mocking Donald Trump for bringing the issue of debanking to US attention.

NBC’s flagship show Saturday Night Live reflected on Trump bringing the issue to light during a rally last week.

During the show’s Weekend Update segment, host Colin Jost questioned “what the hell” debanking means.

“We’re also going to place strong protections to stop banks and regulators from trying to debank you from your, you know, your political beliefs”, said Trump.

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has hit out at those criticising Trump for using the term 'debanking'


“They want to debank you. And we are going to debank, think of this. They want to take away your rights. They want to take away your country, the things you’re doing.”

Speaking on GB News, Farage hit out at the “smugness” on display in reaction to Trump’s comments, suggesting the issue may be allowed to fester in America should it be regarded with “complacency”.


“And there you are, debanking being talked about in America openly as a term”, Farage said as he reacted to the clip.

“And yet, the liberal elite don’t know what it is. They say they’ve never heard of it.

“What a bunch of idiots. Smug, complacent idiots. Many of them are.”

The term was added to the English Dictionary in November after Farage’s row with NatWest’s private bank, Coutts, saw the term popularised.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination

Colin Jost

Colin Jost mocked Trump on NBC


After the GB News presenter’s bank account was closed for politically motivated reasons, he became associated with the word after rallying against the decision.

The new entry into the Collins English Dictionary reads: “Debanking, noun, the act of depriving a person of banking facilities”.

The ex-UKIP leader has continued to criticise NatWest following the scandal, saying in October that the “woke culture” will remain despite a change of leadership.

“Sir Howard Davies, the man who has failed at virtually every public appointment he’s had, is going to get away with it and stay until the end of his term”, Farage said.

“There is a new boss, his name is Rick Haythornwaite, he is a very distinguished businessman.

“All that worries me ever so slightly is that he said recently ‘military orders need to be softened in order to improve diversity’.

“Nothing is going to change, is it? The woke culture will be there and we are still the people who bail it out.”

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