‘Sign of INSANITY!’ Michael Knowles rages at Joe Biden ‘removing women’s rights’ in sport

‘Sign of INSANITY!’ Michael Knowles rages at Joe Biden ‘removing women’s rights’ in sport

WATCH NOW: Michael Knowles criticises Joe Biden's update to Title IX

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 30/04/2024

- 19:21

Updated: 30/04/2024

- 19:23

Joe Biden has updated Title IX to add protections for the transgender community

US President Joe Biden has been criticised for updating the Title IX rules, which now include protections for transgender individuals.

The Title IX legislation is a provision of the Civil Rights Act that gives women protection, specifically for sports and college sports, on the basis of sex.

Speaking to GBN America, Host at the Daily Wire Michael Knowles says Biden's update to Title IX "undermines the whole point of it", as it now allows individuals to be protected on the basis of sexual identity or gender identity.

In a discussion with host Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, Knowles hit out at the "irony" and "insanity" of the changes, claiming that women "no longer have a right to their own sports leagues".

Michael Knowles and Joe Biden

Michael Knowles says Joe Biden's changes to Title IX are 'insanity'

GBN America / Reuters

Knowles told Jacob: "If a man who calls himself a woman can now compete against women, women with the stroke of a pen have just lost their own sports leagues.

"This didn't come out of left field, but it does seem a little bit bizarre in an election year."

Noting similar changes by Biden to Title VII, a provision of the Civil Rights Act that pertains to employment, Knowles admitted that Title IX's changes were "probably going to happen for some years now".

Knowles also criticised the changes and claimed they "also undermine the kind of protections" put there in the first place.

Knowles explained to GBN America: "We know that the vast majority of Americans oppose the radical trans ideology.

"The vast majority of Americans support protections for women that are traditional protections. So it seems as though it would hurt President Biden."

Knowles continued: "But once again, Biden is caught here in a trap. The donor and establishment class recognises that men can't really become women and recognises that women ought to have certain protections.

"But the base of his party doesn't recognise that at all."

Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles says the changes are a 'sign of absurdity'

GBN America

Comparing Biden's stance on the transgender community to his stance on the Israel-Gaza war, Knowles claimed the US leader is "hoping to get his radicalism out of the way" before the Presidential election in November.

Knowles said: "Once again, as on the issue of the Israel-Gaza war, the donor and the establishment class supports one view, the base that actually gets out there, and they're the boots on the ground. They have a completely different view.

"And I think what President Biden is hoping is he can get all of these kinds of bits of radicalism out of the way early on, even before the summer, so that this will not become a major issue in November, but he will still be able to keep his leftist bona fides and not totally alienate his own base."

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