Palestine protesters bombard US comedian Jerry Seinfeld as they scream 'genocide supporter'

Palestine protesters bombard US comedian Jerry Seinfeld as they scream 'genocide supporter'

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 26/02/2024

- 18:00

The comedian responded by waving off heckling demonstrators, as he exited the State of World Jewry Address event in New York City

Palestine protesters accused US comedian Jerry Seinfeld of supporting genocide as he left a Jewish-themed event in New York City.

The comedian seemed unfazed as he waved off the demonstrators whilst leaving The State of World Jewry Address.

“Genocide supporter, you support genocide,” one protester yelled at Seinfeld, who responded by giving a quick wave as he walked towards his vehicle, surrounded by New York Police Department (NYPD) officers.

The protesters continued to heckle Seinfeld as he entered the black SUV and was driven away.

Palestine protest NYC/Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has been slammed after leaving a Jewish event in New York City


“F*** you, you support genocide,” the demonstrator raged.

“Nazi scum!” other protesters chanted.

Protesters were also highly critical of Bari Weiss, a New York Times columnist and founder of The Free Press.

Weiss is a strong supporter of Israel and demonstrators tried to link her to the death of Refaat Alareer, a Palestinian professor and poet, who was killed in Gaza in December by an Israeli airstrike.


In October, Alareer posted on social media that if he was killed, “I blame Bari Weiss and her likes”.

His comments came after Weiss slammed the Palestinian professor for joking about the death of an Israeli baby during the October 7 attack.

Two protesters were arrested outside the venue, according to police.

It is not the first time that Seinfeld has been slammed for supporting Israel, after pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside his show at the Landmark Theatre accusing the comedian of being “complicit in Genocide”.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in New York

Pro-Palestinian protesters in New York

Pro-Palestine protests in New York

Pro-Palestine protests in New York


Seinfeld is not the only celebrity to have been heckled by protesters. Last year, Alec Baldwin was confronted by demonstrators whilst walking in the Big Apple.

In a video of the incident, Baldwin tells one person to “shut the f*** up” when they questioned his stance on the ongoing conflict.

“You work in Hollywood, so do you condemn Israel?” one protester asked the actor, to which he replied: “Because I’m in Hollywood? You’ve already made your mind up.”

Health officials in Gaza claim at least 28,500 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks in the region.

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