China is ready to destroy automotive industry of West: Warning issued over EV

China is ready to destroy automotive industry of West: Warning issued over EV

Ethan Bearman issued a warning

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 28/02/2024

- 10:19

Updated: 28/02/2024

- 10:20

Electric vehicles are appearing on the street more and more often

A green energy expert has warned that China is ready to destroy the automotive industry of West.

It comes as US President Joe Biden faces pressure to water down his EV (Electric Vehicle) push with a coalition of more than 130 Republican lawmakers penning a desperate letter to the White House.

Speaking to GBN America, US attorney Ethan Bearman explained: "The good news is, in the United States now we have multiple discoveries of massive deposits of both things like lithium and other rare earth minerals. I think China's dominance and control of these materials is going to be ending soon.

"The United States, South America and other more reasonable market partners will lead in this area very soon. And I would add that our battery technology, as it develops, is reducing the reliance on these minerals that are sourced mostly or refined mostly in China.

Ethan Bearman is

Ethan Bearman outlined the problems with EV

GBN America

"So we're making really good progress. That doesn't mean for the next three to five years it's going to be problematic. But I think after five years we're going to be in a good place.

GB News host Patrick Christys asked: "You mentioned there about the batteries and battery life as well. I know this is something that former President Donald Trump has been very dismissive of.

"I mean, he's been quite flippant saying that these cars can't really go that far on one charge, etc. Is he being a bit simplistic there, do you think?"

"I do. And I think that he's looking backwards as opposed to forwards. We have multiple car manufacturers now, Western ones and Korean ones, who again are good trading partners of ours, who are are stating that they have cars coming out. They're going to have up to 600 miles of range.

"Remember, the average American commute, daily commute for work is approximately 41 miles round trip. So if you're able to charge your car overnight, it's just not an issue. The issue is, in the United States, we like to road trip and that's where the problems come in with our infrastructure and the potential range issues.

BidenBiden has pushed a heavy green drive PA

Christys then asked: "Is it becoming increasingly difficult to make the environmental case for a lot of these electric vehicles? Because it appears to me that certainly here in Britain anyway we have a much smaller landmass than you guys over there, incredibly so.

"But we could essentially sink into the sea tomorrow and not exist. And as long as countries like China and India continue to pump out carbon emissions at the rate that they're doing, it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference to the actual global emissions.

"So is it difficult to try now to to tell people that, look, you need to do your bit to reduce your personal carbon emissions when everybody knows that some of these massive countries, they're not going to do their bit, Therefore what's the point?"

Bearman responded: "Yeah, I think that that's a very reasonable argument, So what that means is we do need to do things in our own countries. First off, we have to get off this anti-nuclear kick that seems to have taken hold in the West.

Patrick Christys, Ethan Bearman

Ethan Bearman spoke to GBN America

GBN America

"Here in the United States. We just licensed a brand new molten salt reactor design to be fully tested out for commercial capabilities in Tennessee. The future is very bright. I would also add China again because of the autocratic nature of their government, they rolled out more solar generating capacity last year just in China as more than the rest of the world combined.

"So China's getting on board what they need to do. You know, the last remaining large country really is India that we need to focus on."

Christys added: "Yeah. I mean, China is doing absolutely all sorts of stuff, including even putting things like a fake moon in the sky to help with overnight crop production.

"But I suppose that's the trade off that you get when you do have that kind of authoritarian regime that you were just mentioning."

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